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  • P P Apr 5, 2009 01:18 Flag

    ASHLEY is being a Businessman!

    i honestly feel for Ashley it seems that every thing he touches regarding Newcastle (the club ) goes belly up.
    However as a man who was willing to plough so much in terms of his own personal wealth into a club he obviously loves not much of which he was ever going to recover i find it hard to understand not all but some of the flack he has recieved.
    I am a Blackburn fan and saw first hand the difference a local business man, who loves his home town team can make Jacks era is long gone so has KK's I think it took rovers getting relegated for us realise this.
    We got promoted again unfortunately Jack never saw this, since then the club and fans have had realistic targets and some times exceded them.
    Newcastle ,big city, big club but it is no secret a footballing hot potato and as supporters some of you need to look at yourselves, managers enter St James' like christians to the lions nobody at this level wants to fail but if you get relegated i think this would the reality check you need and would come back a stronger club for it.

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