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  • Paddy Paddy May 26, 2009 20:41 Flag

    Honest Question

    Firstly, I feel for the fans of any team that get relegated. We all support our clubs with faith and enthusiasm and so it's no laughing matter.

    I remember seeing the Toon fans giving Sam Alladyce grief after about 7/8 games at the start of the season when you were in the top half of the table (7th I think). In particular there was the TV image of a couple of fans chanting - "you don't know what you're doing" at him. I thought at the time he was sacked that it might prove to be a big mistake even though I'm no lover of his style of play.

    It's my opinion that you wouldn't have been relegated if the club had stuck by him and I wonder what the Toon fans think? A genuine question so please only real fans need reply.

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    • The rot began with the sacking of "Wor Bobby".

    • i think you got what you deserved this season. you played extremely negative football and any managerial appointed was accepting a poisoned chalice. it seems that as soon as you lost two games panic set in and the manager was sacked. leadership works from the top down and the simple truth is that there was no effective leadership. the players did not respond to any challenge set before them, they constantly underachieved and you got exactly what you deserved.
      newcastle is repeatedly referred to as a sleeping giant. what a load of #$%$ a club of bottlers who deserve nothing but failure until you get rid of the chip you have on your shoulders. realise that your team is rotten and got what you deserved. newcastle united has been a cash cow for has been players and never will be players. hell mend you all. i hope you go down again this next season too. I am laughing my #$%$ off at you.