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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ May 28, 2009 17:21 Flag

    But on a lighter note.....CL Final... PMSL

    I usually wouldn't laugh at the afflicted but after Skid MK2 came on our boards spouting #$%$ regarding our demise, it just shows what goes around......
    Barca were by far the better side, they outclassed United in virtually every department. The second half was almost like a training session for the Spanish team, they passed the ball around fluently & intelligently whilst United chased shadows and picked up bookings. Fair play to SAF he tried to change the play and break down the opposition but Barca seemed to have an answer to every move he made. The United players looked beaten before the final whistle which surprised me, I would have thought they would have defended their title with a little more resistance, but in the end they lacked their trade mark clinical passing & finishing.
    In fact it almost seemed to me that United foolishly thought it was their "right" to win last night and only needed to show up on the night to take home the trophy.
    Of course It would have been great for a British team to have won the final, and to have achieved the dream of being the first side to have retained the "new" Champions league, but at least we wont have to endure the sickening smugness of their supporters for a while hey ?

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