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  • OLIVER'S TWISTED OLIVER'S TWISTED Jun 19, 2009 17:17 Flag

    What about Malcolm?

    Hello My Geordie Friends It is The most Important Thing in life When things are against you is To keep Smiling even if you are Crying at the Same Time!
    Malcolm MacDonald was a Great Striker with a Big Chest and I remember Cheering him on when He was On Superstars against Brian Jacks(That boy could Dip) and Emilyn Hughes with His Cheeky Grin and What about Peter Shilton Getting Caught In the Back of His Car Having an away Day with His Tight Perm! And if you want to Talk of King Charles Perms Look no further than King Kevin Keegan! And Picture Bobby Charlton In full Stride with a Yard of hair Trailing Behind him and Nobby Stiles Trying hard not to Smile and Display his Picket Fence Teeth! God bless them all they are the Important Signposts along my Twisted Path.