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  • yet players are still taking 75 grand per week, nothing like throwing money down the drain yet asking fans to pay 500 pounds for a behind the goal seat

    the club will go into admin before the season starts

    is ashley a sunderland fan?

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    • Very True Dirty Barry The world is Turning on a Different Axis To the One I was Born Into!
      I Can't believe Mike Ashley a Spurs Supporter Bought The Toon as a Hobby Horse and then Paid Horrible Little Cockney Dennis Wise Big Bucks!
      Who King Kev had to Get his Approval when he Wanted a New Player?
      Do You not Wash as a Protest Barry against The Grinding Wheels of Adversity that we Oil to Keep Running?
      And Do you mind If I ask you the Last Time You Took a Bath/Shower Dirty Barry?