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  • Blueskies Blueskies Jul 23, 2009 22:43 Flag

    On the edge of Administration.

    All quite on the so called sale front.
    This is because there is no credibe buyers. What NUFC need a credible financial force with the funds to buy the club and put in further multi million pounds investment to sort the club out. That's not hapening.
    In my view the only 2 buyers are Shepherd and Co. + Profitable Group with McMaho as front man. I doubt that they could cobble 100million TOGETHER never mind individual bids.
    ASley is holding on for 100M- They have scraped together funds way below that and are hoping that they can squeeze the juice out of Ashley and laugh as they walk away with a club of this size with its stadium and brand name(not including players).
    Ashley is not going to move -- so the last dirty deed he can do is call in the debts that he loaned to the club as the 80million clearance of its debt when he took over. He cleared this debt using funds from his other companies.
    Therefore he will call in the creditors for the return of the 80million debt and the club goes into administration because it has no money. The courts then strip the club down to pay off the creditors.
    This is a serious option and I wouldn't be surprised. Ashley is clearly not going to sit in for a season in the championshiT.. and pay wages and inject money... and if he does do this at least he will get one over on the the bluffers waiting like vultures to get the club a t a jumble sale price.
    Ashley is the lowest of the low.. but the Profitable Group is of the same ilk... and #$%$ has Mc Mahon got to do with it?
    He's no financial wizard or ex-football wizard - he went out there to scrape a wage from wherever he could find it... he's pub team calibre in the finance stakes....
    Bryan Robson is a member of the same group - Why didn't they get him to front the bid becaus eof his NE connections??