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    Keegan: Man of Principle.

    Keegan: Man of Principle.
    He could have taken the 4M but it included in plea from Ashley "We won't tell lies about you if you don't tell the truth about us" KK Refused

    Info below:

    A clause in Keegan's contract that limited compensation to £2 million following dismissal or resignation denied an emphatic victory but Keegan insisted the “central purpose” of legal battle had been to “clear my name and restore my reputation” and he lamented the club's admission to the tribunal “ that it repeatedly and intentionally misled the press, public and the fans” .

    That centres on public protestations from the Newcastle boardroom that Keegan would have the “final say” on transfers from Wise and the former chairman Chris Mort.

    After hearing evidence for a fortnight the panel, that also included Lord Pannick QC and Manchester United's assistant secretary, Kenneth Merrett, said: “The club's explanation for these statements, which, on their case, were simply untrue, was that they were nothing more than an exercise in public relations carried out so as not to undermine Mr Keegan's position and made necessary, in the first place, by statements made by Mr Keegan himself to the press. We found this explanation to be profoundly unsatisfactory.

    “We do not understand why the club could not set out publicly and truthfully what they maintain was the true position.

    Say no more!

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    • I heard the F****** weasel on TV finish with :"If Kevin had got the 26M it would hav eruined the club".
      This from #$%$ of the earth.

      Get this right - KK was exonerated --- Lawyers insisted against his(KK's) pleas to put the 25M stigma damage in.
      Ashley offered him a bigger pay off with a confidentiality clause - KK refused