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  • Blueskies Blueskies Oct 17, 2009 16:19 Flag

    Ashley's game

    Not much going on at the moment and we can only try to guess what is going on in the Fat man’s head.
    Mike Ashley billionaire, lifelong Spurs supporter owner of Newcastle United FC.
    The words usually associated with Ashley wherever you read about it seems to include the words, (sometimes altogether+ more) disgraced, despised despicable

    I’ve heard it alleged that he has addictions namely gambling and alcohol which tend to be a pretty potent and unstable mix which is probably why he keeps hidden most of the time but the questions arises – Why Newcastle?

    Probably because of his addictions and desire to be loved. My guess is that he had a brainwave with one night when he was #$%$ up and on a winning streak in Llambias’s casino. The vision was to buy the club and re-structure it on (and make further billions as he had done) he was probably cheered on by hangers on and @rselickers who all thought it was great” The Geordies will luv ya Mike”.(“Put ₤125,000 behind the bar Derek – Drinks are on me”) So the idea was born.
    Ashley, Lambbias, Wise etc.. were going to going to drive their great idea to success. They hired Kevin Keegan because Ashley knew it would put him in the supporters good books straight away- and they reckoned that KK wouldn’t dare walk out of a club AGAIN.
    At Newcastle wearing black and white shirts with no. 7 and Kevin on the back gulping beer in the stands, abusing Sunderland directors after Newcastle has beat them – “This is It” he thought – They luv me and I’m gonna make a fortune.
    FAST FORWARD>>>> Complete #$%$-up –Club in shambles and losing money – everyone hates none more than the supporters him OOPS!

    Where does he go from here? He’s angry and wants to hit back at the people who rejected him. At first he stayed away from the club claiming threats about threats made to him and his kids. Then he pops up again in a neutral shirt perhaps thinking things will cool down – it doesn’t.
    Now he sits in the directors box smirking and making gestures in response to fan’s chants (Which person with an ounce of nous would do that? Niall Quinn/ Glazers/ Levy/Dein/Sugar ? I doubt it.
    He’s hurt and he’s going to make it painful for everybody else –“I will sell –I won’t sell”
    Wise made a recent teasing comment that Ashley would not sell until they got back to the PL – this in my view is from Ashley in order to cause further irritation. He’s going to string it out dropping the occasional Muppet names who’ve been able to cobble 125 quid together . Next thing you know he’ll give Hughton a 5 year contract. This is the mind of an gambling and alcohol addict.
    Sometime soon the crowd will get #$%$ of with his fat smirking presence and make it unable for him to come to Newcastle never mind SJP – then he’ll be in the papers again saying nasty Geordie #$%$ are threatening him

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