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    That's how much Michael Owen cost you LOSERS!

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    • WALOB

      What A Load Of #$%$!

    • HAHAHA

      I Didn't realise there was yet another board where it is the norm for Butch to get ripped a new one day in day out!


      Nice one Geordies!

    • McFly is just another bandwagon fan who roots only for frontrunners. United have purchased their titles just like the NY Yankees. And sadly #$%$ like him rub it other's faces just to compensate for his low self-esteem, insecurity or simply lack of class. McFly, McFlop, McFool, or McFoyfy...whatever your name is, you need to find something real in life to root for. Man U's purchased titles are hollow just like your head. I actually feel sorry for you.

    • Hello Davey. A bit worried about the injuries in the defence and at the time of writing am hoping Forest and W. Brom get turned over tonight. Cannot believe this plank is still following you around. He surely knows that R.P Mcmurphy is from a classic film and not your real name doesn't he? A point won in the end against our Smog friends on Saturday, a shame our old friend Boro Doug doesn't visit any more or does he?

    • It's a bit confused. Spends a lot of time on here questioning most things. Obviously been lied to a lot. And has absolutely no interest in discussing football, especially his club. A few years ago I spent some time on a ship in Length Line drydocks. Just down the road from Old Trafford. The people round there were ManU fans, decent people as well. A bit of banter, talking sensibly about football. They'd cringe to know some one like it was amongst their ranks. As any decent person would.

    • I find when dealing with the likes of you I have to lower my standards somewhat. You're obviously not capable of adult thought or conversation.

      However I'm a persistent chap, and the possibility of your clubs demise intruges me. What will be the effect of the imminent retirement of Giggs, Neville and Scholes have? They can't go on for ever and, IMO, are the back bone of your team. They would bleed for your club. How will they cope once Ferguson retires? Who do you think the Glazers will sell to pay off the interest on their debt? Answers please.

    • R.P, I find it a challenge to find some common ground with the intellectually challenged, the cretin now known as 'NotAndyPandy'.

      It gives me a sense of well being, to commit some of my time to try and enlighten it. There must be some spark of intelligence some where in the dark recesses of it's brain. His inability to discuss any thing in a reasonable manner, is obvious. Next time his mother mates with a chimp, maybe she should try and chose one with a brain cell. Then again if it had a brain cell it probably wouldn't go any where near her.

      On a more serious note. I enjoy reading the posts on this board. Although they are few and far between, they are very interesting and informative. I also read other boards and the quality of the posts on those boards leave a lot to be desired.

    • Ermmm no, if I'm going to blamed for something I'm going to do it. I used to post on the immigration board.............but I found my words of wisdom were falling on deaf bigoted ears. I'm having a similar experience with you. I try to see the good in people however some, such as yourself, it is almost impossible.

      Now as you've chosen to ignore my football related comments about your club AGAIN, and focused on some throw away remark I made. I now firmly believe that you have no intentions of discussing football matters. Your knowledge of your club is obviously limited. And your 'love affair' with them, proves the theory that opposites attract. Manure a succesful English club supported by an Aussie loser.

      As I've said it is entirely up to you if you believe me. What you believe is unimportant to me, as you are.

    • As I've said he's a mercenary little #$%$, and is more suited to your lot than ours. When Newcastle bought him, they knew he was injury prone, took a gamble and it didn't pay off. I wonder who would have signed him if he hadn't signed for your lot? Nobody seemed to be prepared to risk the the gamble. However you've got him, he's out for the rest of the season again. Just hope and pray that Rooney stays fit ehhh.

      Why would I want to google anything about my experiences abroad? If you choose not to believe me then fair enough. At the risk of repeating myself, those truthful, honest posters on these boards would see no reason to doubt me. As an honest person I see no reason to doubt your claim that you live in Australia. Am I expecting too much of you to understand that. It must be extremely difficult for some one such as yourself, someone who's skull is as empty as a eunuchs scrotum, to realise and understand the concept of truth. PMSL

    • Your whole post..................ROTFFLMFHAO@U

      Bondi beach perish the thought..........now Monty's bar in Sydney was a good watering hole. And Shirley the shore bosun used to do amazing tricks with a bottle of beer. I've been to such exotic places as Port Dampier, Headland, Port Pirie, Whyalla and even Newcastle over there.

      If you really insist I will tell you about the countries I have visited in Africa, South America, Asia, been to the old USSR, the Middle East, North America, Europe, West Indies. Take your pick. Not that I expect you to believe me of course, an honest person would, perhaps.

      Now I really would like to get back to football matters. You've managed to drag this thread off track, possibly because you had no answer to the questions I have posed. As you can see I've refrained from using the word that offended you so much, when referring to your football team. Answers please, chop chop.

      Oh by the way feel free to highlight any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors..............I suppose it gives you a small amount of comfort, knowing that I'm not perfect. Superior, to you, yes obviously. Perfect, modesty does not allow it.

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