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  • Bob R Bob R Mar 13, 2010 06:30 Flag


    Careful Davey mate I think you have a stalker and I think I preferred the pic of Jesus to this one. Is that a picture of him in a bra? This sort of tit hates anyone turning down or leaving Manure. I still smile over how much it grates on the boys from the home counties who "follow" Man U that Big Al turned them down at least twice and they still don't understand what it meant to Al to skipper his home town team, more than a gonk or 2. He probably hates Ronaldo now too.
    Anyway enough about that prat. I must admit this season has been quite enjoyable. It's been good to welcome some real passionate away fans who support their LOCAL team through thick and thin to SJP. My current player of the season would be Enrique but Colo is running him close of late. What do you think pal?