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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 13, 2010 19:06 Flag


    ''True love ... price ... what the #$%$ are you on about''

    PMSL do you have a degree in stupidity? I knew you wouldn't understand that certain things meant more to Shearer than playing for the self styled 'biggest club' in the world. Of course we brought the subject of Shearer up, simply because it sticks in most manure fans craws that he rejected your club and their shallow fans. He had higher aims to play for the club he loved. If you want a comparison with your current squad members............take a look at the died in the wool reds that play for your club. If you were to ask them what was more important to them playing for manure because the club was in their blood or because the silver ware they were guaranteed to get? If they were true fans of manure they would say the club was in their heart and soul, silverware would be a mere bonus. But such a concept would be lost on you plastics.