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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 14, 2010 14:40 Flag


    LOL Jesus the jolly butch #$%$ thinks he gets up my nose.................ROTFLMFHAO.

    Was it my statement that I thought Owen was a mecenary little #$%$, that led you to believe that. Maybe it was because I think Newcastle are more equipped now for a fight against relegation, assuming we are promoted and are involved in a relegation scrap. Or maybe when I posed the question over which player you think your lot will have to sell to serve the Glazers debt, that led you to believe it. Now to any right minded person those would seem like reasonable statements and question. However I'm dealing with a plastic manure fan................so reason is not, apparently, your forte. LOL.

    But I'll try again, who will manure have to sell to service the interest on the Glazers debt?

    Your fans are getting restless over their ownership. All is not well at the ''theatre of dreams''. And once fans become restless over the ownership of a club, sometimes things tend to spin out of control. How do you see the future development of your club under the present regime? Does it not worry you that the force, Ferguson, that has guided your club for the past 20 odd years is soon to retire, he can't go on forever?

    Now I'll deal with your 'word of warning' I've no need to go on to other boards, you seem to get a pasting of which ever board you choose to grace with your presence. They do not need my help, apparently supporters of your own club don't think much of you either. Not very good at this are you. #$%$................proof indeed that a man has copulated with a chimp.