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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 15, 2010 18:16 Flag


    You assume you have wound me up, if that makes you feel good then so be it.

    '' Why would you have chosen me to follow''
    I sense a hint of paranoia there. I've already explained to you why I respnded to your post.

    ''You lying #$%$''
    Oh dear toys out the pram time.

    ''beggars belief''
    An expression yours truly has already used on this thread. It's nice to know your learning from the master.

    '' I've been all over the world, unlike you''
    How do you know where or where I have not been? I'm currently in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Not that I expect you to believe me. Unlike you I take posts at face value. I'm an honest person and assume that the post I am reading is from a similar type of person...............unlike you.

    ''I'm going to answer questions about my team when some #$%$ calls them manure?''
    Ah bless has one touched a sensitive spot, does diddums not like the big nasty Geordie refering to his team as a pile of #$%$...........LOL.