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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 16, 2010 18:07 Flag


    Ermmm no, if I'm going to blamed for something I'm going to do it. I used to post on the immigration board.............but I found my words of wisdom were falling on deaf bigoted ears. I'm having a similar experience with you. I try to see the good in people however some, such as yourself, it is almost impossible.

    Now as you've chosen to ignore my football related comments about your club AGAIN, and focused on some throw away remark I made. I now firmly believe that you have no intentions of discussing football matters. Your knowledge of your club is obviously limited. And your 'love affair' with them, proves the theory that opposites attract. Manure a succesful English club supported by an Aussie loser.

    As I've said it is entirely up to you if you believe me. What you believe is unimportant to me, as you are.