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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 16, 2010 18:18 Flag


    R.P, I find it a challenge to find some common ground with the intellectually challenged, the cretin now known as 'NotAndyPandy'.

    It gives me a sense of well being, to commit some of my time to try and enlighten it. There must be some spark of intelligence some where in the dark recesses of it's brain. His inability to discuss any thing in a reasonable manner, is obvious. Next time his mother mates with a chimp, maybe she should try and chose one with a brain cell. Then again if it had a brain cell it probably wouldn't go any where near her.

    On a more serious note. I enjoy reading the posts on this board. Although they are few and far between, they are very interesting and informative. I also read other boards and the quality of the posts on those boards leave a lot to be desired.