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    That's how much Michael Owen cost you LOSERS!

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    • Soooo boring. Don`t you have anything original to post you MUPPET!

    • HAHAHA

      I Didn't realise there was yet another board where it is the norm for Butch to get ripped a new one day in day out!


      Nice one Geordies!

    • LOL Jesus the jolly butch #$%$ thinks he gets up my nose.................ROTFLMFHAO.

      Was it my statement that I thought Owen was a mecenary little #$%$, that led you to believe that. Maybe it was because I think Newcastle are more equipped now for a fight against relegation, assuming we are promoted and are involved in a relegation scrap. Or maybe when I posed the question over which player you think your lot will have to sell to serve the Glazers debt, that led you to believe it. Now to any right minded person those would seem like reasonable statements and question. However I'm dealing with a plastic manure fan................so reason is not, apparently, your forte. LOL.

      But I'll try again, who will manure have to sell to service the interest on the Glazers debt?

      Your fans are getting restless over their ownership. All is not well at the ''theatre of dreams''. And once fans become restless over the ownership of a club, sometimes things tend to spin out of control. How do you see the future development of your club under the present regime? Does it not worry you that the force, Ferguson, that has guided your club for the past 20 odd years is soon to retire, he can't go on forever?

      Now I'll deal with your 'word of warning' I've no need to go on to other boards, you seem to get a pasting of which ever board you choose to grace with your presence. They do not need my help, apparently supporters of your own club don't think much of you either. Not very good at this are you. #$%$................proof indeed that a man has copulated with a chimp.

    • I find when dealing with the likes of you I have to lower my standards somewhat. You're obviously not capable of adult thought or conversation.

      However I'm a persistent chap, and the possibility of your clubs demise intruges me. What will be the effect of the imminent retirement of Giggs, Neville and Scholes have? They can't go on for ever and, IMO, are the back bone of your team. They would bleed for your club. How will they cope once Ferguson retires? Who do you think the Glazers will sell to pay off the interest on their debt? Answers please.

    • Careful Davey mate I think you have a stalker and I think I preferred the pic of Jesus to this one. Is that a picture of him in a bra? This sort of tit hates anyone turning down or leaving Manure. I still smile over how much it grates on the boys from the home counties who "follow" Man U that Big Al turned them down at least twice and they still don't understand what it meant to Al to skipper his home town team, more than a gonk or 2. He probably hates Ronaldo now too.
      Anyway enough about that prat. I must admit this season has been quite enjoyable. It's been good to welcome some real passionate away fans who support their LOCAL team through thick and thin to SJP. My current player of the season would be Enrique but Colo is running him close of late. What do you think pal?

    • R.P, I find it a challenge to find some common ground with the intellectually challenged, the cretin now known as 'NotAndyPandy'.

      It gives me a sense of well being, to commit some of my time to try and enlighten it. There must be some spark of intelligence some where in the dark recesses of it's brain. His inability to discuss any thing in a reasonable manner, is obvious. Next time his mother mates with a chimp, maybe she should try and chose one with a brain cell. Then again if it had a brain cell it probably wouldn't go any where near her.

      On a more serious note. I enjoy reading the posts on this board. Although they are few and far between, they are very interesting and informative. I also read other boards and the quality of the posts on those boards leave a lot to be desired.

    • You obviously don't understand the meaning of true love. The kind of love that can not be bought. You, and your kind, think everything has a price, obviously. Now where did you meet your missus?

    • As I've said he's a mercenary little #$%$, and is more suited to your lot than ours. When Newcastle bought him, they knew he was injury prone, took a gamble and it didn't pay off. I wonder who would have signed him if he hadn't signed for your lot? Nobody seemed to be prepared to risk the the gamble. However you've got him, he's out for the rest of the season again. Just hope and pray that Rooney stays fit ehhh.

      Why would I want to google anything about my experiences abroad? If you choose not to believe me then fair enough. At the risk of repeating myself, those truthful, honest posters on these boards would see no reason to doubt me. As an honest person I see no reason to doubt your claim that you live in Australia. Am I expecting too much of you to understand that. It must be extremely difficult for some one such as yourself, someone who's skull is as empty as a eunuchs scrotum, to realise and understand the concept of truth. PMSL

    • Of course you don't give a #$%$ that's why you keep snapping back about him. LOL. And yes maybe Owen did cost us 37 million............he's a mercenary little #$%$, he fits in well with you lot. Birds of a feather and all that. Well we'll just have to see if we get relegated next season, first we have to get promoted. AND if we do AND if we do struggle, then I'd rather have the current crop of players minus the sick notes..............Viduka and Owen.............and the prima donna's.
      Oh yes excuse me for wandering off topic here but out of interest, nice word that interest, who do you expect Manure to offload next season to pay for the INTEREST on the glazers loan?

    • ''Bless''
      They say mimicry is a form of flattery, with you it just shows a lack of imagination.........
      ..........nothing unusual there then.

      Slow or not still far to quick for you.

      "Remember your words .... I'm a man of the world, unlike you," ?
      Yes of course I remember them, I was speaking metaphorically, not in the literal sense. Do I really have to explain the obvious to you? However I have seen a fair bit of the world, even Aussie,. The Aussies always struck me as a fair minded balanced race, but obviously there are exceptions.

      Me, try to be clever? It comes natural to me, as does gross stupidity with you.

      LOL.............you set em up I'll knock em in.

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