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    That's how much Michael Owen cost you LOSERS!

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    • Soooo boring. Don`t you have anything original to post you MUPPET!

    • Careful Davey mate I think you have a stalker and I think I preferred the pic of Jesus to this one. Is that a picture of him in a bra? This sort of tit hates anyone turning down or leaving Manure. I still smile over how much it grates on the boys from the home counties who "follow" Man U that Big Al turned them down at least twice and they still don't understand what it meant to Al to skipper his home town team, more than a gonk or 2. He probably hates Ronaldo now too.
      Anyway enough about that prat. I must admit this season has been quite enjoyable. It's been good to welcome some real passionate away fans who support their LOCAL team through thick and thin to SJP. My current player of the season would be Enrique but Colo is running him close of late. What do you think pal?

    • You obviously don't understand the meaning of true love. The kind of love that can not be bought. You, and your kind, think everything has a price, obviously. Now where did you meet your missus?

    • ''True love ... price ... what the #$%$ are you on about''

      PMSL do you have a degree in stupidity? I knew you wouldn't understand that certain things meant more to Shearer than playing for the self styled 'biggest club' in the world. Of course we brought the subject of Shearer up, simply because it sticks in most manure fans craws that he rejected your club and their shallow fans. He had higher aims to play for the club he loved. If you want a comparison with your current squad members............take a look at the died in the wool reds that play for your club. If you were to ask them what was more important to them playing for manure because the club was in their blood or because the silver ware they were guaranteed to get? If they were true fans of manure they would say the club was in their heart and soul, silverware would be a mere bonus. But such a concept would be lost on you plastics.

    • Of course you don't give a #$%$ that's why you keep snapping back about him. LOL. And yes maybe Owen did cost us 37 million............he's a mercenary little #$%$, he fits in well with you lot. Birds of a feather and all that. Well we'll just have to see if we get relegated next season, first we have to get promoted. AND if we do AND if we do struggle, then I'd rather have the current crop of players minus the sick notes..............Viduka and Owen.............and the prima donna's.
      Oh yes excuse me for wandering off topic here but out of interest, nice word that interest, who do you expect Manure to offload next season to pay for the INTEREST on the glazers loan?

    • LOL Jesus the jolly butch #$%$ thinks he gets up my nose.................ROTFLMFHAO.

      Was it my statement that I thought Owen was a mecenary little #$%$, that led you to believe that. Maybe it was because I think Newcastle are more equipped now for a fight against relegation, assuming we are promoted and are involved in a relegation scrap. Or maybe when I posed the question over which player you think your lot will have to sell to serve the Glazers debt, that led you to believe it. Now to any right minded person those would seem like reasonable statements and question. However I'm dealing with a plastic manure fan................so reason is not, apparently, your forte. LOL.

      But I'll try again, who will manure have to sell to service the interest on the Glazers debt?

      Your fans are getting restless over their ownership. All is not well at the ''theatre of dreams''. And once fans become restless over the ownership of a club, sometimes things tend to spin out of control. How do you see the future development of your club under the present regime? Does it not worry you that the force, Ferguson, that has guided your club for the past 20 odd years is soon to retire, he can't go on forever?

      Now I'll deal with your 'word of warning' I've no need to go on to other boards, you seem to get a pasting of which ever board you choose to grace with your presence. They do not need my help, apparently supporters of your own club don't think much of you either. Not very good at this are you. #$%$................proof indeed that a man has copulated with a chimp.

    • It depends what you see as an insult, I was just being complimentary.

      How do you know this is a new ID, maybe I'm just new to these boards? Now I have posed a number of questions in my last post, non of which you seem capable of responding to. In fact the only thing you were capable of responding to was the perceived insult. At heart your just a sensitive little soul. I think all reasonable posters can now see which level you operate at best, thing is paulakins you're not very good at anything. Now be a good chap, take your time, and try to answer some of my questions.....................hmmm.

    • And your agenda is obviously a disruptive one. But I shall endeavour to bring a little reasoning into your sad and lonely little life.

      ''and have seen #$%$ends like you come and go by the truckload''
      Bet you've sucked a few as well, just a little whimsy.

      ''You know too much about the boards to be new''
      I've been reading them for a while now, thats why I know you usually take an internet pasting when you venture on to the Chelsea board. I haven't posted on here in the past, because cretins like you usually have the sense to stear clear of this board. However there is always an exception to every rule.

      ''so you're obviously hiding.''
      Hiding from what exactly?

      Shearer was left holding the 'fire work' of relegation when it finally exploded, it is not his fault that the previous managers, aided and abetted by an owner who knows nowt about running a football club, had left us in that position.

      Now why have you failed to answer my questions? I would have thought giving you the chance to talk about your beloved club would suit you down to the ground. However you seem incapable of reasoned debate, I suppose there's no reasoning with the unreasonable.

    • ''You have never before had anything to say about your club''

      ''Shearer holds the world record for the quickest any manager has got a team relegated''

      I thought I'd explained the first statement to you, I didn't feel the need to comment on my club. It is up to me when I choose to comment on my club. And I've explained to you, in the simplest of terms, why I did comment this time.

      Shearer didn't stand a cat in hells chance of saving Newcastle. His appointment as manager was the last throw of the dice by a desperate man, Mike Ashley.

      I suppose I'm expecting a bit to much of some one such as you, who has the intellectual capacity of a brain dead maggot, to think logically about anything. Such IQ levels are probably prerequisite for a manure supporter.

    • You couldn't wind up a clockwork toy, don't flatter yourself.............did you here a faint whoosh?

      I talk gibberish? LOL well if you fail to understand my, well written, posts then it possibly will sound gibberish to you. You really should think before you post such drivel. Now I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt there, assuming you have the capability to think.

      Shearer abandoned us, now that just shows just how much you know. He was contracted for the last 8 games of the season. And then made himself available for the job. Ashley chose to appoint Hughton as temporary manager instead, leading to his appointment on a full time basis. Now if you call that abandoning, well that is entirely up to you. To any reasonable person it would seem the opposite.

      ''Which is #$%$''
      If you choose not to believe me that is entirely up to you. It's just your opinion, worthless in my opinion.

      ''You make out you've been reading these forums for ages without comment, and yet you know all about me''
      Having read these boards for sometime, yes I do know a bit about you. I would have thought that would have been obvious.

      'even though I haven't posted on this board before'
      So why post now? It beggars belief that some one can be so stupid as you. Is it not possible that I could have read your posts on your own, and other, boards. I'm a man of the world, unlike you, I take an interest in the goings on around me. My views on football, and life, are not myopic. Which is patently obvious as I've asked you a few questions, about manure, which as yet you have failed to answer. Possibly because you can't, your knowledge of your club is limited. OR possibly you are just a little afraid of the future.............the whole pack of 'red cards' is about to come tumbling down. LOL

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