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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 14, 2010 20:55 Flag

    Potato head win the lottery Again!

    Mr Potato head Allardyce has been sacked again which will no doubt lead to anothre £5m payoff. He left Bolton after creating across between rugby and football team, with a big fat handshake.
    He was sacked by newcastle for trying to do the same thing and left with a reported £4m. Now Blackburn's new owners have him sussed and given him the boot which will end up being £5m,

    Winning the lottery 3 times!! How does he do it?
    A bit fat brainless plonker- but a very rich one.

    (Don't forget he's being mentioned as a future England boss!!!)

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    • I could'nt agree more but this is the trend in modern football.
      Secure a long term contract " #$%$ it up" and walk away with a big fat cheque. Then some stupid Chairman elsewhere secures them for a repaet process. Watch this space with Pardew 5yr + contract he can't lose financially. This is the madness but then again its fantasy football today ran by fat faggotts played by fickle fairies real football has long gone or had you not noticed.