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  • Steveshepnewc Steveshepnewc Feb 2, 2011 02:50 Flag

    A story about the three "P's"

    The Pimp, the Prostitute and the Punter, pure fantasy............

    The prostitute had the the punter over a 'barrel', a new punter was showing interest. The prostitute wanted more money for their services from the punter, after agreeing a new deal not too long ago. The other punter was prepared to pay more for the prostitutes services. They had the backing of a very wealthy pimp.
    The old pimp got his cash..............a big lump sum. The wealthy pimp got his new prostitute and the other punter got the services of that prostitute. The prostitute and the old pimp blame each other, but it's the 'former' punter who is suffering.

    Love, apart from the love the former punter had for the prostitute, never did enter the equation..........sadly the prostitutes love of money meant more than the love of the former punter.[/

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