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  • Sorry to bring this to a Newcastle forum, but I needed a non biased opinion. I am a United fan and my friend a Liverpool fan, so as you can imagine, there are a few disagreements.

    We are currently having a BIG debate about who is the better footballer. I honestly think that Suarez is a top player but that Rooney could well be in the top 10 in the world. I just want a few opinions from football fans other than united and liverpool as to who is better.

    Could you give reasons as well please as to why u think said player is better?


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    • not sure, very difficult to call although if i had to choose between the two id probally go for suarez, because i think his all round play is slightly better, he's cheaper, and (so far at least) he seems to be less likely to go mental and get a 3 game ban (yes i am aware of the 7 game biting ban)

    • No doubt both players are very good, however I think Rooney has had alot of the flair coached out of him as you hardly ever see him trying to beat a man these days, in fact in a couple of seasons don't be suprised if he is not a "typical" English midfielder, full of running and prefers to pass sideways.
      Suarez looks world class as he did in the world cup, but it will be interesting to see how he reacts to be kicked week in week out in the prem.
      Bottom line (even though he won't admit it)if Ferguson thought he could have sold Rooney last summer for £50M and bought Saurez for £20M I think Rooney might have been playing in the FA cup final today.