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  • Paul Paul Jun 22, 2011 22:20 Flag

    english vs european football....

    Tartan Idiot! Firstly, how many Scottish teams have ever won ANY Eurpoean trophy?
    Secondly you criticise English Premier cos it's ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal etc but in jockland it is only ever Rangers & the left footers, Spain it is always only Barca or Real, Italy it is AC or Inter so your comparison of "some of europes top leagues" is a load of #$%$

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    • typical reactions from neanderthals... insults and the like..... don't see anyone able to address any of the salient points...

      basically it means that outside the top 4, teams from other european leagues would wipe the floor with substandard english teams..... the likes of genoa, udinese, sporting, braga, getafe, osasuna, etc. will always THUMP the likes of bolton, stoke, fulham, etc... overall, as a product, the other leagues are miles ahead of the english league...... the quality of the national team too suffers due to all your players plying their trade locally in a substandard league.... see what happened with the u21?