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  • Peter Peter Sep 1, 2011 16:31 Flag

    Enough is enough

    2012 was to be my 50th anniversary of the day when I was 7yrs old and I first saw the Toon in the pouring rain from the front of the Gallowgate End, with the other bairns having been passed down over everyone's heads so we could see properly.
    I have been sceptical of the Piemans plans but gave him the benefit of any doubt and waited to see where he was really leading the club, instead of the knee-jerk reactions that seem to get the most publicity.
    Even when he sacked Chris and put Pardwho in charge I thought I'd wait and see, Carroll #$%$ on the Geordies became a scouser and the money went in the Pieman's pocket but it was promised to come out again during the summer.
    Well the summer transfer is over the big names never arrived and Pardwho proved by bullshitting to the fans what a yes man he really is, just telling the fans what the Pieman told him to.
    So 49 years is enough, I'm hanging up my shirt scarf etc and calling it a day. I will not be switching allegience to another team apart from Whitley Bay that is. Rugby here I come.
    The start has been good with 3 games gone and 7 points but the cover we have is pathetic, once the injuries and suspensions start to kick in the slide to the championship will start to kick in with them and there is not the quality cover needed to even keep us up never mind win anything.
    Thanks alot guys for all the ups and downs that made supporting you so much hard work and thanks to my GP for all his efforts in trying to keep my blood-pressure as low as he could.
    Lastly thanks to the Pieman and Parwho for showing me the future and bringing me to my senses.

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