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  • Vito Vito Jan 24, 2012 20:10 Flag

    More Hypocrisy from the Archaic, Corrupt FA

    So Balotelli has been charged with violent conduct by the FA and handed a 4 game suspension. However, they chose to appeal to UEFA for reducing Rooney's ban for kicking another player.

    Why is this organization still allowed to administer your sub-standard brand of 'hoof-it-and-chase' football? DISCUSS.

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    • Aye aye Vito,would that be the same EPL football that has the biggest world wide T.V. audience ? I would suggest that could be because it is actually good to watch,unlike some of the negative,half hearted dross churned out in Italy,Spain and elsewhere in Europe.I admire the technical ability on display in Spain and Italy but the play acting and dishonesty in the game in both of those countries has surely gone too far. Some of the "games" I've watched were more like WWF wrestling than football,not because of the physicality but because you knew what you were watching wasn't genuine. Having said that I agree with what you said about the F A, yet again displaying duplicity at it;s very best.