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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Mar 13, 2012 12:49 Flag

    Newcastle dreaming ...

    Firstly, cards on the table I am a Gooner. I have fond memories of Super Mac at Arsenal, yes his best years were with you. But despite his knees, he was a class act with Stapelton, Sunderland, Brady and Rix as an attacking quartet. Like many people I have soft spot for your club.
    So where am I going here? What's possible for you this season? Well naturally you are in the Europa League places and don't won't to lose ground. If I was you I would be praying that Chelsea keep marching on in the FA Cup, and CL to give them an almighty fixture pile up. Ditto I would want Spurs to reach the FA Cup final giving them an extra three fixtures, more if they have a replay. Ditto Liverpool.
    If you beat Liverpool at home they should be out of the equation. Then you still have Chelsea a draw or better could help in the quest for 5th place. And who knows dream a little and if Spurs self-destruct the unthinkable could just happen.
    Fourth place worth a giggle at 25 to 1. Or a safer flutter of Newcastle to be in the top six at 5 to 2 looks real value. Football is all about dreams sometimes they come true. Good luck.

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