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  • Old Rope. Old Rope. Apr 24, 2012 09:47 Flag

    Man utd aided by referees

    That's always in the back of supporters minds Shard,Fergie will go on for a while longer it's all he knows,he has to be in there running it 24/7.If he was to go at the end of the season ,well outstanding candidates include Moyes and even possibly your man Pardew for what he has fashioned this season,the real test for you and him is what happens NEXT season,sorry for the earlier slip.If Newcastle can emulate and even progress under him,he will be in demand at what some term as "bigger clubs",not many get 50,000 gates but by way of trophies is what is meant.All that said what a magnificent season for you,and it's always better with a newly built and inexpensive team,the only two i can see possibly moving on are Tiote and Krul,but you never know if they feel then can win something next season they probably would stay, and Pardew seems the man to convince them.