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  • srvim srvim Mar 30, 2012 12:57 Flag

    Man utd aided by referees

    Strongly agree to Patrick Viera's comment that premiere league referees tend to favour man utd. Last seasons hands of god by Vidic if penalised by referee, trophy would have gone to Chelsea. This season alot was on Man utd favour. Uefa champions league referees are of different class which clearly shows that Man utd is just an average team and Newcastle were able to thrash them 3-0.

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    • Dear me not ANOTHER title,you losers might even join us in Europe this season,it won't be for long though.

    • Alan just because the guy doesn't court controversy, as opposed to introverted, doesn't mean to say he won't make a good manager. The game is dominated by gobsh*tes. It seems to me when Scholesy gets a job, then he does it to the best of his ability, which is very good.

    • Pardew for manager of the season. Definately you are the most improved team with Swansea. You must be in heaven. Good on you.

    • Who ever moves into Fergusons shoes will have a hell of a job. Pardew or Moyes, I can see Moyes taking the job, but Pardew I think is a non starter. He's got Newcastle playing some good football without players with big ego's, and it's only this season. As you say next season is a big testing time. But we've got some good younguns coming through, and a few decent buys in the close season, players with a similar character to what we have bought, then who knows.

      If Ferguson goes on for a couple more years, then the hierarchy at your club should now be thinking of a replacement. Grooming someone from within the club to take over when he retires, in the way Liverpool had Shankly/Paisley/Fagan, Paul Scholes possibly. For me it's not about managerial experience elsewhere, but experience of the club.......................He's Man Utd through and through. He knows the character of the players. Bringing another manager in to take some one like Fergusons place, who has built a dynasty, is a very tricky thing.