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  • Rich_82 Rich_82 Apr 17, 2012 16:19 Flag

    2012-2013 season

    Like a lot of fans i have been silenced this season, and i hold my hands up and admit it. Last time Mike Ashley was gonna sell the club, he couldn't, then came out with a statement of his intentions and where he said he was trying to take the club. I at the time agreed with what he had planned, but couldn't understand why he never mentioned it when he took over. For a lot of fans they took it like he only decided to make an effort BECAUSE he couldn't sell the club.

    A lot of people have gone on about NUFC supporters being fickle as there are no chants of "cockney mafia out". But the same people seem to have very short memories. The club is doing well now and it looks like we could be a profitable club by the end of next season. But what about when Ashley first took over. His decision making ran this club into the ground and had it relegated. Couple that with many secrets and lies and suddenly it becomes clear WHY he was hated. There was no transparency from the board, just his tunnel vision and sod the fans.
    BUT, now that he has stopped to think and actually apply his business sense he has done wonders. OK we still had problems with him after promotion, sacking Chris, re-naming the stadium and selling our top goal scorer. But ultimately though we are heading in the right direction now.

    I would like to think that we can all start again. Ashley has been more open, and it has filtered down through the staff. And the fans are now more informed than ever of where we are, what we can have/do, even what we can afford. It is refreshing to see honesty finally coming through.

    What ever happens though the club has had to be rebuilt and started again. Maybe it is time All the fans did the same. Forget the past and move on. Let's see where we go from here