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    2012-2013 season

    Hello everyone, i know this season isn't over yet but i have already started thinking about next season. How do you think we will fair, can you see us not doing as well or maybe now our team is beginning to gel more with every game can you see a bright future ahead. Can we continue the momentum and will our players get better the longer they have together.

    Oh, and so far who is your favourite player.

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    • I am a Gooner with a soft spot for the Mighty Toon. Firstly, congratulations for what you have done so far and I hope you end up above Spurs.
      A lot actually depends on whether you are fourth or fifth, don't worry Chelsea have their name on sixth place. The reasons I say this is because fourth place obviously opens the door to CL football and the money associated with that competition. Just as importantly it gives a valid reason for your top players to stay and not have their heads turned by massive offers from elsewhere, which are bound to come.
      You have a young side so why shouldn't you improve? Next season I believe you need to put all your eggs in two baskets. First Prem, Prem Prem then the CL (I am assuming you get fourth place). Forget the Carling Cup and FA Cup put in the kids and squad players. The aim next season should be hopefully retaining fourth place retaining your top players if possible, another couple of defenders.
      Wishing you well, but not too well.

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      • Firstly, cheers Andy. Always nice to read positive messages from fans of other teams. By the way, our last match was a great game, watched it with my mate who supports Arsenal, we were both on the edge of the settee.

        Secondly, i hope you are right, but i just wont allow myself to get carried away with a 4th, 5th or 6th league finish. I know i should just enjoy the fact we are up there with a serious shout but i have been a fan too long to know we have a habbit of messing things up.

        To be honest i hope we keep our current squad, maybe 2 or 3 new additions as i feel we are still a dangerously small team. Anything is possible i suppose, i agree about the FA cup for example, it shouldn't be a priorty, we do need to concentrate more on the league.

    • Fav players in this order; Cisse, Coloccini and Cabeye. All the C's.