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  • The performance against Wigan, was really bad. It felt as if the team never took off and unfortunately I feel that we will dfinitely lose the next 3 games and 62 points is where we will finish.
    I never believed the hype amout CL, as it was too good to be true but again it is becoming obvious that we need a few more quqlity players, very soon.
    It is true to say that this has been an excellent season for us, given what we got but it is a worry that a few times this year we played very badly and that when it begins to matter, the mental toughness and steel is not there.
    Any thoughts..??

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    • I agree entirely this was a shocking performance and someone needs a rocket up there backside, as I have said before about Newcastle they often play without any method or organisation and Tiote's passing is shocking to say the least Mr Pardew get the whip out, they get paid well enough make them earn it, I must finish with Wigan are probably the worst team in the division, if you can't beat them you have a problem

    • If Newcastle end up in sixth place that is something to be proud of. Ofcourse CL is a tall order and Spurs and Chelsea would need to slip up, but I wish you all the best. It's been a top season whether you end up third, fourth, fifth or sixth. Isn't it nice to have a six pointer at the top end of the division?