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  • Sprinter Dwain Chambers has been named in Britain's squad for next month's World Indoor Championships after UK Athletics said they had no choice but to pick him. Do you think he should have been included?

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    • Yes of course he should. Everyones at it but only some get caught. Anyone with a right mind will know that a man can't run under 10 seconds without doping. Nature won't allow it. You cannot train hard enough to get that fast because you cannot recover fast enough.

    • What the people who are backing Chambers seem to forget is that his body will still retain much of the musculature that he illegally added whil taking drugs, which in effect still gives him an advaentage over "clean" athletes. I also consider Pound's remarks about Chambers lifetime ban from the Olympics by the BOA as not legal as anything but helpful.It sends out entirely the ,wrong signals to other countries that we are including a drug cheat in our team and one who seems to believe that now the ban is completed that we should all get behind him and congratulate him on his comeback.!

    • Hi, I think we should all get behind dwain. there is a site -

      http://www.dwainchambers.co.uk/ - where you can post a message of support.

    • Pure unadulterated hypocrisy..Carl myerscough.. Linford Christie, both received bans for taking banned substances. both welcomed back into the bosom of UK athletics.

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      • I totally agree its not a drugs issue its a political one with UKA this is unfortunately the way athletics works it doesn't seem to be how good you are but who you know!! Im a coach i see this happen all to much unfortunately im not in a position to change these things you say a word and get sacked an yes this has happened to me also. What can we say we live in a wonderful world don't we.

    • So ex-cons are allowed an opportunity to resume their lives and get back into work after serving time (with support from the government for that matter) yet a sprinter who is ill advised into taking performance enhancing substances is not? Dwain Chambers did wrong, was punished, and now wants to get back into work plain and simple. People should stop being bitter and twisted and let it go. He should be allowed to compete just like Carl Myerscough. A man cann't be punished for the rest of his life coz of 1 silly mistake. No one is imune to bad decisions. Let it go.

    • no surprise to see linford the covicted drug cheat(but i was semi retired)ignore questions on chambers future.sorry but i stopped showing much interest in the sport years ago to concentrate on f1 and even those guys are doping one way or another, there are no drug free winners, there is too much money on offer, if golfers are doping up dont try telling me that sprinters are clean,

    • Yes, He's done the time for his crime. Think its time people stopped being so narrow minded and singling him out for it becuase this is victimisation by the masses. We have rules in place so that if people break them, they get punished and then they can come back. This is an example of this.

      If its anyone people should be having a go at it the rulemakers.

    • All this fuss about Dwain Chambers running for Britian again after his 2 year ban. He should be allowed to run for GB. He is the only realistic chane of winning a medal. He has served his time now it time to support him. On another point what is the difference between him and Shane Warne banned for 9 months or so for drug taking but was allowed to compete again and smash records and was instrumental in winning the Ashes back. I don't see anyone on here complaining about that. It is just sour grapes by the UK Board and hasbeen athletes.

    • The UK Athletics selection committee have acted in accordance with its rules and paremeters in which it operates in selecting Dwain Chambers.

      Some might consider this a couragous move by them in this regard. However for couragous you could also read foolish. Dwain Chambers' appearance at the UK Indoor Championships was embarrasing for UK Athletics, and by him winning the event, albeit fair and square, actually made their emabarassment more acute. Personally therefore, I feel they were backed into corner and had no option but to select him.

      To have left him out would have meant a potentially ugly legal battle, a battle which from an outside perspective, Dwain Chambers seemed to hold all the trump cards. Yes, he had been guilty of cheating, for which he has served out the maximum ban currently enforceable, during which time he presumably "cleaned" himself up, kept himself fit, in the knowledge that he would be able, under the current rules to participate in events as soon as his ban ended.

      It appears however, that during this rehabilitation period he was not subjected to any random testing, though I stand to be corrected on this point. If this is the case then UK Athletics has caused itself more embarrasment.

      Dwain Chambers will always live (and compete) with the stigma of being a drugs cheat, that is something only he can deal with, however the irony is that by competing and being successful, he will have proved that the highest accolades in sport can and have been achieved "cleanly", and in so doing become a role model for those tempted by more dubious means.

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      • Do you not think there is hypocrisy in society? Known drug users like pop stars and actors/actresses are still allowed to work and make money without ever having any sort of ban like Dwaine has. Have the radio stations suddenly stopped playing Amy Winehouse records? No, and she has been celebrating success at many award ceremonies. Ok Dwaine cheated and got caught but he has served his time and now is being succesful as a clean athlete - he should be supported for having the courage to come back and compete as a clean athlete when we all know he will be running against many athletes who take performance enhancing drugs - they obviously are just better at not getting caught.

    • I think he should be allowed to represent his country & people should get off his back.Yes he took drugs & he's done his time for this a ban for 2yrs! He isn't the 1st athlete to take drugs & wont be the last. He made a mistake he did wrong we are ALL capable of that. Everyone deserves a second chance we are only human none of us are perfect!!

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