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  • Just a quick congrats to any welsh folk out there..Its kinda getting trendy to beat England these days.... This win looks like this years 6 nations is wide open... I personally think its between Ireland France and Wales....

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    • Very good Derek, although when we travel north to you I think it will be another case of crushing the rebellious scots.

      As for the WC, I never said we were going to win it. What I was insinuating is that in time England will develop into a fairly decent side that can compete by the time of the next WC.

      Something you scots can only dream of. Other than that, I reckon you're right. Ireland can beat us, France will most likley beat us. But the wooden spoon is all yours hun.

    • look james there is know way that england will win this!!!! after ur loss to wales!!!! yes ur wright you will beat italy!!! but then after we send you homeward to think again!!!!! after ur defeat at murryfield!!!! its france;then ireland!! & whats this wc win??? england keep talking ab!!!! do you guys ever gome out of the toilet!!!! or is that a other type of cup??? & for ur comments i would give u time!!!! as for ur wooden spoon just lets give it england instead!!!! infact just keep it!!! & i am not scottish!!!! iam a proud & free scot

    • lets put it this way, im irish, i was at the match on saturday and i thought it was #$%$ match for the supposed RBS Six Nations Champions. but i came home to watch the england wales match and my hopes were lifted! (no offence english) but it was good! and i cant wait til you head to murrayfield! i hope the scottish do us all proud! (Irish, Walesh, French, Italian) Come on Scotland

    • wooooot woooooooooot i really am enjoying basking in the sunshine even if its only for a while .... they are so pompus when they win and its all over the papers but when we or any other side beat them do you note how the BBC brushes over it and the papers ...... sore losers ........ oh well they can shove the chariots where the sun dont shine for a bit longer :)