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  • Robert F Robert F Feb 6, 2008 16:33 Flag

    England v Italy... My 22

    1. Stevens, 2. Mears 3. Sheridan 4. Alex Brown 5. Borthwick 6. Moody 7. Haskell 8. Easter 9. Gommersal 10. Cipriani 11. Sackey 12. Gaeraty 13. Lewsey 14. Vianakolo 15. Cueto

    Charlie Hodgson, Regan, Shaw, Lund, Wigglesworth, Flood, Balshaw.

    Lewsey at 13??? Yes... he's right back on form for Wasps now and he's played there for them before. I think this gives a dynamic set of back who can line up in ANY order (like the French) and attack with pace and power.

    I look forward to your alternative selections and reasonings!!

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    • No! No! Cueto? You must be joking.

      1. Stevens
      2. Mears
      3. Vickery
      4. Shaw
      5. Borthwick
      6. ?
      7. Haskell
      8. Easter
      9. Gomarsall
      10. Wilkinson
      11. Sackey
      12. Ollie Smith
      13. Matthew Tait
      14. Vainakolo
      15. Cipriani

      Sheridan is out injured now, Charlie Hodgson should be kept a 50 mile radius away from an England shirt. Then again, what do I know? I would really like to see Ollie Smith get a run out.

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      • good nite james!!! who is no6?? is that a new player england have!!!

      • Interesting Choices... and i'd forgotten about ollie smith so i'll add him to my mental squad for future consideration.
        The thing I feel England have lacked behind the scrum without Catt and Greenwood are the natural thinkers.... players who see the space or the pass before they even know they've seen it. It's what's Gaeraty has learnt so well from Catt at London Irish, Johnny kicks far too much and without Catt outside him to release runners England look dead behind the pack. the back line NEEDS a passer like Gaeraty or Lamb else Sackey and Vianokolo needn't take their tracksuits off.