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    Biased English Media

    Serious note chaps, alot of the Welsh and Scot's have been complaining about the media's coverage of the 6 nations.

    I made the point that if you buy a decent paper then you'll get better coverage, and today's Telegraph proves my point.

    You have a page dedicated to the Welsh written by JPR Williams, could you ask for more? Brendan Gallagher talks (albeit, not as big as column as Wales) about Scotland and Scott MacLeod's dilemma.

    I don't think we can critise BBC either for they have Nicol, Davies and Wood presenting and screen all of the games.

    Sensible comments welcomed.

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    • reply from sky when i complained still awating from bbc

      Thank you for watching and contacting Sky News.

      Your email to the press and publicity department has been passed to me as the Viewers’ Editor for Sky News.

      I have raised the points you made with our sports editor.

      The broadcast rights to the Six Nations match action are held by the BBC so we are limited in what we can show. I’m not sure when you saw our coverage but the Wales-Ireland match was the lead story in our Sportsline bulletins on Saturday evening. It was also reported on Sunday morning but, by then, we were limited to only two airings of the action from the game – but, even in the hours when we did not show the action, the result was reported.

      In addition, the overnight news story of England ’s cricket loss had overtaken the previous day’s rugby as headline news in the rolling 24-hour format of Sky News.

      Sky News (which covers sport in a different way to Sky Sports News) has broadcast a special feature on the Wales rugby team as part of the Six Nations coverage. Wales is the only one of the Six Nations teams which has been reported in this way because we recognise the importance of Wales in the current tournament.

      I hope this helps to explain the way in which our sports coverage is determined.

      Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

      Best wishes

      Paul Bromley

      Viewers' Editor

      Sky News

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      • The reply from Sky was clear in its pro-English bias.

        i. England's cricket loss takes precedence over any other UK nation's sports news.
        ii. When 'only two airings' from the 6 Nations were allowed, only the results from a non-England team were presented, i.e. presumably the two prior airings were from on the England team. (What was the actuals here?)
        iii. Sky New's feature on the Welsh jars as there is no need for a feature on the English.
        iv. The recognition of Wales in the current tournament is based on their success. England's is automatic, irrelevant of position.

        The final comment, "I hope this helps to explain the way in which our sports coverage is determined" is entirely plausible and, unfortunately in its realism, accurate in favour of England.

        Oh, how I wish for independance.

    • the english always make a rod for thier own backs i seem to remember inverdale healey and guscott saying that the england ireland game would be the decider these so called experts are so biased unlike jonathan davies who talks the talk

    • "The doubters lie wallowing in their wake, the whole sorry lot of us. It would take a brave man to say that Wales will not win the Grand Slam by beating France in Cardiff next weekend; a bitter cynic to say that they would not thoroughly deserve it; and a dullard to deny the attractive exuberance with which they play."
      Stephen Jones has been rugby correspondent of The Sunday Times for more than 20 years and is regarded as one of the sport’s most influential commentators. Twice named Sports Correspondent of the Year by the Sports Journalists' Association,

    • They can be as biased as they like now, Triple Crown and possibly the Grand Slam!!!!!!

    • You're right James, the BBC do use Nicol, Davies and Wood.........but then they go and spoil it all by imposing that #$%$ Brian Moore on us.

    • BBC forum was so biased, all about hoe England were so #$%$ hardly a mention of Wales beating Ireland at Croke Park!!!1

    • It`s not so much the ex players like Guscott and Co, it`s that bloody John Inverdale who hates anything not English and I doubt if he`s ever played rugby in his life.

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      • Great knowledge of rugby, Inverdale was a very good player. I guess another welshman with a chip on his shoulder in place of brains.

      • To be honest until recent times he has played for Esher and also still turns out for vets

      • To be fair about Inverdale - he has played and is a staunch Esher supporter. Don't you remember when he got his face kicked in a few years back in a malicious attack in a Vets game, probably because of his media profile? I met him some years back, and despite the fact he is English, he was a good egg. Yes, he is very English and patriotic about it but so is Jonathan about Wales. I don't think Inverdale HATES anything not English, he is just very patriotic about his own team, (like we are about ours) and sometimes forgets to enthuse about how the other teams are doing - ok we could argue that as a media pundit he should be neutral but we will have the last laugh when we win the championship and hopefully the Grand Slam!

    • So at last we all agree that the English media at large can be biased.. Dangerous stuff.. I thought that it was always free and assumed to be fair and unbiased!!.

      Can we change that? Can the media do better to represent things in a more balanced way? Do the media want to do that?

      After all if English rugby puts more bums on seats, sells more team jerseys, increases the ratings of BBC programmes, in competition with SKY/ITV etc etc how can they be unbiased?. They have to bend with market forces and hence those not bringing the big audiences to the programme makers have to take second and third places.

      I don't make the rules but that is what is happening currently.

      The real danger though is that it applies to a lot more coverage as well; i.e. programmes will be made that appeal to the ones that generate most advertising revenues, highest ratings etc. Not necessarily conducive to truth and balanced reporting.

    • A trifle cynical but probably true! Still, I suppose we are fortunate to be in a country be it Wales, England or the other home nations, in which we are allowed to criticise the press for what they have written or failed to write!

    • I have to say that I was somewhat surprised when on Saturday last week, during the France vs England match that John Inverdale stated that the other matches played that day were "the warm up to the main event". I thought that that comment was particulary insulting to Wales, who afterall did beat England and are very much the form team. I was also surprised that Inverdale was joined by two English pundits and that no French pundits were included. Hmm.

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      • i noticed that too chessman!! as a welshman that lives in windsor, and has lived in engerlaand (lol) for 15 years, and is married to an english girl, and whose mates are mostly english....... it still wound me up!!!!

      • I agree with both Helen and cartman...the reporting is very much English based, and as a Welsh nationalist living in Egypt at the moment, the main media forum I have is the internet, so its a bit disappointing to keep reading England, England England.... I dont have anything against the english, and I am a realist about the usual Welsh performance, and so this campaign is a very pleasant and refreshing change
        Unfortunately the media bosses/some presenters it seems dont think past the borders, and just see the UK as one big England with comments quoted by chessman, which can sometimes drive a wedge between supporters and cause rivalry (from my experience)...so if there are by chance ANY media bosses that view message boards like these, please take any constructive criticisms on board and look to address them...you are not only broadcasting to England, you are also broadcasting to the UK and the rest of the world...

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