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  • tony tony Feb 27, 2008 05:20 Flag

    Who really thinks England has a chance at the Championship

    Not expecting many replies on this one!

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    • Thank God, It`s all over for you English.

    • No, no chance, apart from Wales and France the rest play too much negative rugby.

    • ha ha ha but if they do,don`t buy a nwspaper sunday

    • Well good luck to you then mate, who knows heh?
      I hope it does not happen, but you never know

    • Sorry Jeffery, Can't re-track my betting slip cause it already got three wins on it, Scotland ,Italy and em and another team I can't remember at the moment. Scotland always has atleast 1 good game in them and I think it is due on Saturday. Might be wrong but I am doing prety good with predictions so far ay.

    • I have nothing to do with FlyingScot's expulsion. As expressed in a previous thread, it is a shame that he has been banned. However, some of his language was unexceptable particularly when it was directed at a 13 year old. Although, it was unknowingly.

      No excuses though, this board is for like minded adults!

    • Tony do you mean by last messge Scotland to beat England, your having a laugh aint ya.

      If I was you I would re- track your betting slip mate, cause I doubt you will win.

    • its not good to be welsh its bloody great. but 3 wins, lets not get to carried to away still 2 to go and remember who would of thought after englands pool games in the world cop that they would of made the final.perish the thought that they would do it again........ come on wales........

    • OK I will agree maybe his little toe in touch. But what a try ay! Being Welsh I have never given up hope and one day we will be good enough for SA NZ and the Aussies. I have followed Wales whenever possible and seen Italy stuff us twice in Rome and Fiji in Nantes and I still come back for more. Not to mention the Twickers game in the summer when I was convinced with 5 mins to go we could still score 30+ points!!

    • Undoubtedly England's form thus far has been rubbish, I sat completely bewildered at Twickenham in the second half against a Welsh side that looked like they were going to concede 50 points prior to the break. However, they have by far the easiest run-in of the four teams at the top.

      Scotland are clueless (I hope to see Brian Ashton give a run out to Cipriani, Tait and a Croft, Lipman and Haskell back row given the quality of the attacking threat they could produce) and are offering little to worry about at the moment even at Murrayfield. Leaving Ireland at home to finish the tournament. If Ireland turn up with Paul O' Connell back to his form of a couple of seasons ago, when he single handedly taught the England pack a lesson and they produce some of the dynamic rugby on show against Scotland, it will be a cracker but I think this year will be too soon for this Irish resurgence, with O'Connell coming back from injury.

      Wales will struggle to win another game but I've got this feeling they might just turn France over given the quality of Warren Gatland and Shaun Edwards (what were the RFU thinking when they let the welsh poach the most successful coaching duo in English professional rugby history?) and the French ambition to give every quality young player in France some game time this season.

      The French themselves should put Italy to the sword in a way that will have the other nations bewildered, Clerc and Co. will score enough points to put any idea of Wales winning the tournament on PD firmly out of the question.

      It should be really tight come the end of the tournament but if England adopt a little of the French approach and give youth its head for the remainder of the matches, I believe they can close the points difference down considerably.

      The question is; which team will England put out?

      If they stick to bullying a win from each game, the Six Nations is lost, if they ditch the tired old heads and go for it we could yet see a comeback to rival the world cup!

      So yes, England have a chance but I predict France on points difference!

      They will also know a great deal more about their team for the next world cup than the four home unions put together!!

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      • If you think that Wales might just turn over France, then if France were to win on PD as you suggest, I think you are underestimating the Italians and assuming that the Irish are going to get a cricket score against Wales - which is not really likely, is it! Agreed, it is a tough game away for us in Ireland, however, I think that Croke Park is actually a better venue to try and get the win than Lansdowne Road ever was where the Irish crowd was almost on the pitch to get at the opposition players.

        The Italians have not played THAT badly for 2 and a half games. It was only the second half in Cardiff that let them down and I think the French will get a surprise although I expect them to get the win - but not by as much as the 40+ required at present to go top of table, that is, as you think, if Ireland win against Wales. Remember there is nearly as much needle between the Italians and French as there is between the English and ..........oh well, everybody else. (joke, I know you are not all bad!) I believe Wales can win that match and certainly not lose it by the amount required for France to go top. We'll have a better idea after the next round, I guess but if it does come down to PD then Wales must be favourites. I don't think it is a justified statement to say that they will struggle to win another game. We have improved with each match and that old maxim is success breeds success and Gatland and Edwards are certainly instilling a competitive edge within the players and they are not being allowed to get complacent about their places. Although Ireland played ok against Scotland it was not really a stern test (sorry Scotland, cos you're not a bad lot, but it's not really your year, is it?) they have not really impressed apart from the second half against France - not consistent enough. If O'Gara and O'Driscoll play well, they are good, if those two don't, then the rest of the Irish team seems to play badly too.

      • i really dont think wales are going to struggle to win another game!!! ireland have still not recovered their earlier form, and probably wont in time for this championship, and france , with thier new coach, are going to have a lesson in running/point scoring rugby!

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