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  • Alex Alex Jul 14, 2005 20:50 Flag

    Arsenal v Man United

    Why are their so many united fans posting on our message board? Feel like you have something to prove do you? All gooners fans know that with the extra revenue generated by the sales of Pires and Vieira that seem imminent, we're gonna get some almighty players for peanuts probably. When was the last time ferguson bought a decent player for less than £12m? In fact the only decent player he's bought recently is Rooney. You can't count Ronaldo coz he only performs in 3 games a season! United fans, don't worry about us. We know where we lost the title last year. In no game were we beaten by a side because they were better. Shore up at the back (which we already have only letting in 3 goals in 14 games at the end of the season), and we only need worry about Chelsea getting more jammy 1-0 wins every week!!