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  • Alex Alex Jul 14, 2005 20:56 Flag

    Arsenal v Man United

    No real match except we won the cup, we finished higher in the league, we won the league last season, we score more goals, we break more records... need i go on. Keep talking united scum, we'll always do better than you because we are and you know it. If we can win playing that badly, what hope have you got if we play well. That's the frightening thing for you guys. And why don't you know how to play chelsea? They never even look like beating us, where as every time they play you, they cruise to victory. Apart from when they deservedly beat us in the champions league two years ago (when Henry, Vieira and Pires were absolute dog shi**) we always look like were about to score. You don't even trouble Terry and Co. If united don't buy heavily, they will continue to play worse and worse. Raising your game for a cup final is one thing, but doing it week in week out, no chance.

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