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  • Soccer Soccer Jul 15, 2005 04:07 Flag


    I really don't know what Arsenal is thinking. Maybe it's Wenger, he has a history of selling off his more high profile players... but 13.7mil, thats nothing. It's not like Viera is 32 or 33, he's still got a good 3-4 years in him, and look, he got a 5 year contract at Juventus. I thought he loved Arsenal???....www.SoccerGossip.com

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    • Mr.AW was right to sell a player who no longer believed in the team and wanted to go elsewhere. Wenger was the one who made Vieira and the likes of Titi,Cole, Pires .I trust Fabregas to become an even better player this season. No forgetting Flamini. Vive la professeur.

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      • OK guys, time for some reallity. Think about it other way around. Viera has been terrific for the club, but personally I don't think he was as good last year as he has been. We don't want someone who is not 100% gunner and perhaps his performances dipped because his mind was elsewhere.

        That being the case it made sense to do it, after all the club will get around 3 times what they paid for him 9 years ago... not a bad return.

        We lost by 9 points to chelsea with Viera, without him we might well do better. Wenger and DD are pretty canny, we have a team that is improving, there's no way we compete with Chelsea in the transfer market so the club is building itself up from within with the younger players. They came through last year, they'll do better this year.

        Sorry to see Viera go after all these years. Lets recognise why it was done and look ahead to good seasons to come.

    • ahh maybe but think when we lost anelka we got henry and bobby now where is anelka !!!!

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      • not quite the same situation, but i get what you are saying. I am gutted that pv is leaving, but he has given 9 good years. The only thing i don't get is the fee?? i would of expected to get at least 20 million pounds for him. He will be missed but we have some good youngsters coming through and hopefully hleb will live up to expectation.

      • Good point, Anelka was and is in Turkey...

      • The different between Analka and PV is Analka wants to go. PV has to go by force him. I'm not interesting what happen with Analka, but what Analka said, last 2 years ago, He admit he made the mistake leaving the AFC. Imagine, if we have Analk same quality as before, We can't count our goal. Thinking about Febrages? He is good but b4 he become a star like this year and last year, We have to struggle in the terrible Premier league night mare like last year.