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  • Mikx... Mikx... Jul 21, 2005 21:01 Flag

    2 sold,1 bought,4 needed.....

    wenger has sold edu and vieira...both central mids...so i think we need 1 more CM...jenas or hargreaves or ballack...

    1 more left mid...

    1 defender>>preferably some1 hu can play in both the right and centre...

    and finally 1 'strong in the air' and 'deadly in the box' kind of striker...baptista fits this perfectly...

    Minium we neede at least 4 players...coz wenger has complained about fatigue n all that...we definitely need a bigger squad...

    What do you guys think...?

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    • Dub think v need another striker. Henry, VP and DB are good enough wit Ljungberg can be converted to be striker n he’s quite sharp althou DB is getting caught up by age. We have enough class in this room.
      As for wingers, we have enough quality in JAR, RP and Hleb (coming back soon!) and Qwusu Aibeye not far behind any of them in my opinion plus we hav defenders like Toure n Clichy can play as a winger as well. As for central midfield, GS, Frabregas, Lupoli n Alex Song are enough in number but not enough in quality. The youngsters have the potential but certainly not good enough (need more experience in Eurpoe) to play against some of the best like Ballack, Nedved, Seedorft, Viera, Makelele, Zidane, Ronaldinho etc. We need a strong reinforcement. Ballack is good n available but dun think will fit well n a bit old. No other good cm available now with the amount of money AW willing to spend. So we can only hope AW to unearth another gem to fit straight.
      As for Back 4, right back v hav enough quality in AC n Clichy (can play as a winger as well) just unfortunately they r injured at the same time. Left back wit Lauren n Eboue, we are fine but Cicinho will be ideal if we can afford. Central back with Toure, Campbell (hate to admit he’s slower now n tend to lose concentration) n Sanderos should b ok but 1 more experience player will b great to cover campbell n release Toure to left back if necessary.
      As for goalkeeper, v really need 1 that can threaten Lehman for his place. Lehman is too comfortable there wit no challenge at all. Almunia is not good enough. Just look at how Lehman play against Wigan, it’s totally a joke the way he distributed the ball from goal kicks to the crowd so many times, some even did’t pass half way line. Coupet (Lyon) would be ideal.

    • we nid ballack puyol or chivu wudnt go amiss eitha n sum1 like fernando torres n kuyt wud do well for us but most ov all we nid sum1 2 replace jens hildebrand even.van persie is class. BOO man u

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      • all we need now is cover at left back,we've got enough at right back,maybe one more center half,but thats not desperate, strikers we don't need anyone.van persie and henry...who would want baptista and others with those 2, we could do with another young striker as reyes doesnt seem to have the killer instinct infront of goal,maybe one goal will give him the confidence to get more,but hes suited on the wing.center midfield is the only place we need to plug up

    • You are very right, we really need a defender and two central midfilders and a striker. I do not see us getting Ballack, Hargreaves is not the type that I would fancy at all. I think we need a midfieldr of the calibre of Bouba Diop or Juninho of Lyon. Hleb is a good midfielder who can do more by scoring goals which he has noit been doing of late and that is where we are missing Viera because Cesc and Gilberto are not able to score goals. we need a midfileder who can do what lampard does for Chelsea. I would also want to see a striker of the calibre of Fernando Torres who can add height and head the ball for us when needed.Baptista is also fine for me but can Real releasae him? Wenger should also give chances to Quincy and Lupoli, they are young lads with a futre so too does Bentley.With Pires sort of ageing and not performing at his best, we may also consider looking for a winger to compete with Freddie and Reyes. Reyes can do what RvP is doing nut unfortunately like Crouch he has not been able to find the net though he has given up his all and he has been outstanding.

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      • I think the area we need to strengthen the most is at the back & also bring in an Expierienced Top Class Midfielder.
        After seeing the Blackburn game on Saturday I was really concerned about the amount of chances we are allowing even mediocre teams to create against us.Most of the time we can get away with it as we have enough quality at the other end to outscore most other teams,but if we continue to be as generous against Europe's elite in the next stages of the Champions league we will no doubt end up paying the price as we did against Bayern last season.
        We need to bring in established players & not more youngsters for the future as i think we have enough of them already.
        I would like to see us go for Torres although I have my doubts whether we will because he would cost big money which Wenger seems reluctant to spend.
        Having said all that we still have a great 1st Eleven when they are all fit & no one except Barcelona can play the beautiful football that we do.

    • Not sure if Baptista is coming or not... Edu went for nothing, so that wasn't very good... Viera leaving was the biggest problem. I think that you do need a few good midfielders. But its going to be hard to buy a ton of players, especially the way Wenger picks 'em. I can see a few new faces by mid august...www.SoccerGossip.com

    • I wouldn't get Hargreaves because i don't think he's good enough. Ballack's too old for Wengers team. I also think Jenas is over-priced, but he'd be a decent buy. I'd hate to see him push out Fabregas and Flamini though as they both look better with every game.
      As for strikers, Baptista would be an amazing signing. I wouldn't worry too much about another striker if we don't sign him - We've got Henry, Reyes and Bergkamp. Pires or Ljungberg can play up front, and if all else fails there's Bentley, Alidiere, Lupoli etc who all look really promising.
      I think we have both full backs covered (for right back, we have Lauren, Eboue and Hoyte and if we're really desperate, Kolo can slot in there), but I think one more really good centre back would really set us off for the new season.

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      • I agree Hargreaves hasn't quite got the quality or the cutting edge needed to play for Arsenal, but i think Ballack would be an excellent signing. He's physical, aggressive, good has good technique, and has a great shot, I think hes just what we need. For strikers we are ok, although i think Reyes is better on the wing than up front. Defence yeah we could do with another centre back, but i think we need a classy right back. For me Lauren is just ok, he hardly ever has an outstanding game, but hardly ever has a bad one, we need a better outlet from right back, i believe the young Brazilian Cicinho who had a great Confederations Cup, for me was probably one of the best players. He'd be a quality signing.

      • but we need the experience........dats very inportant 4 europe..........

      • Yes! A central defender. Absolutely! Sol isn't what he used to be and gets injured too often. Cygan....well, lets face it..the sooner we get rid of him the better! Senderos & Kolo are good - but a decent Centre half is crucial I think. Viera gave us alot in midfield - at 29 and looking back he gave us his best years. I think Fabbie alongside Hleb will be awesome!

      • i strongly agree with your statements but i think we should could also stot in someone in the middle, someone relatively experienced and strong. when u look at guys like fabregas and flamini, u ve got to admit that their ball winning campabilities are nothing like viera's.plus they r quite young. i d add another mid fielder.