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  • aun a aun a Aug 22, 2005 01:37 Flag

    from my view.

    First.. We have wrong formation..451 is not suitable for arsenal. Henry can't play in the center. Pires can't play on right.(because of Freddie was injured.)

    Defense. They all are great. Especially.. Toure he is good enogh for Our defense. Sendros need some more experiance. He made some mistakes. Drogaba took one.
    Midfield..Gilberto had not full fitness. Pires can't play on right flunk. When Freddie was injured, i couldn't understand why Pires moved to right. Hleb should be but I know because Del Horno is left and supporting Henry create more chances. Wrong.. VenPresie didn't get well assit from Midfield. He has good quality but He can't do all the attack from midfield to attack.
    Helb is good like Ronaldinho, Zedane but we need a striker like Eto, Ronaldo.
    One thing about Hleb is he is good in Assit but he can't score like anyother midfield attacker.

    Attack.. We don't have good striker to beat total defense.

    Well.. we are not so ready to come back on top.. I accept it. Only hope for EPL is ManU.. to beat that rude, nasty, money bag. We have to be patient like 2 years to go back.
    I still love and support AFC but i accept that we are not strong enough to beat money bag.

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    • Ya,I defenetly share your view.This stupid money bag is the one I hate in the world.Dosen of palyers.If you have , you spend huge money and buy world stars and wean the trophy.So what? This is not a measure of quality for me.For me the measure of quality is the ability to build squad from different levels of talents like Arsenal.
      But still I believe we need to strengthen our squad specially in the defence and midfield.Otherwise the money bag is not such strong side.Still there is a possibility to come back.

    • oh sorry... i thought we were allowed to misquote on here. I don't actually remember saying "I am the biggest arsenal fan". I said "I am AN arsenal fan". You are someone with some wierd international alleigance to Arsenal, but your negativity does NOT make you a "Fan".

    • being arsenal fan dont mean "blind" and we have to be honest: Gallas is right. Now, its only up to the players to prove him wrong. It is gonna be VERY hard this year to keep up with Chelsea (its killing me to say that), Man U or even Liverpool, but the players have to prove they can do it. And dont get me wrong guys, Iam still a big fan of my loving team, and i will support them whatever happen

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      • I can't believe how ridiculous you are being.

        Thinking arsenal are going to do well is not being "blind". Why should a team which came second last season, and in a normal year would have win the league easily finish outside the top FOUR the following year? Some of the people on here are crazy... someone even said s**rs are going to finish above us this year!! LOL!

        We have played 3 games and have 6 points. We could easily have 9 points had two refereeing decisions gone our way. In the same way, if they didn't have any luck, Chelsea could easily have just 3 points (if we'd beaten them, and if wigan had taken their two chances in the last minute of their game). Chelsea's luck will run out, and we are due some.

        And the fact that an Arsenal fan could even DREAM of wanting Man United to win the league makes me really sick. We don't traditionally like man united too much round here (I'm actually an arsenal fan from LONDON, not one of these yahoo moonlighters from the UAE). Any Arsenal fan who wants Man United or Spurs to win anything needs their head checked.

      • It will be hard to keep up with the others, but hopefully things will start to click into place over the course of the season. Right now Gallas is right, but Chelsea aren't invincible.

    • Lehmann is awesome and the club should have a nice battle with Man U for second in the EPL behind the Big Bad Blue Juggernaut. Chelsea is like the USA Army, no weaknessess and highly intimidating to all opposition. Henry was slick today but he should have taken the PK, that french wenger policy is so clowny because Lauren is too predictable, wobbly and weak. Chelsea will not finish worse than first in the EPL until the great second term of George W Bush is over. Live free or die.

    • What?! If you "love and support" arsenal, how can you even thing about wanting the mancs to win the league?
      Some of the people on these messageboards are really ridiculous! We have played TWO games... we have THIRTY-SIX to go - how can you give up already?! You're the sort of person who sits in the east/west stands and kill the atmosphere. Maybe the ungrateful fools who go and see Arsenal and sit on their hands are the main problem?

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      • Yeah, man! Tell it like it is.
        The Gunners can do it, but Henry, needs help up front.

      • How can everyone be so doom and gloom, We lost to a goal that on 2 counts should never of been(1 Chelsea get a freekick for tackling each other, and 2 Dogba offside- I havent spelt it wrong!). Granted we need some extra power up front, but the rest of the team played a blinder. I agree with putting Campbell back in with Senderous and to see how Toure would play as a defensive midfielder, I think that would be his real calling. Wenger frustrates me, he says that we can only compete when we have moved and have this extra money from the new stadium, But refuses to buy anyone when he has the money. Granted this is probably all tied up in the stadium but he should say that, so the average handsitter fan understands why we are not spending money

      • You see after freddie was out, AFC didn't look dangerous.
        Losing Chelsea?? Is worse than losing Title..
        Moreover we lose chelsea, I saw what arsenal's weakness.
        I didn't mean because of losing 3 points. Their performance is nothing, How many time we have shoot on goal? ONlY 3 ??? what the hell.
        If we tried really hard and create chance.. chelsea just got luck from one counter attack.., i won't feel anything. Now we are same as 1-0 wigan. Think about it.
        We can't never get a goal that kind of attacking to crash 10 man defense team.
        As one aFc fan said.. don't be blind supporter. Our performance is declined. Accept it. Wake up from dreaming.
        OK well they use 200mil we use 20 mil . that's why we lose? So, We have no solution?