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  • DC DC Aug 27, 2005 06:03 Flag


    Gilberto. I think his injury was one of the main reasons we didn't win the league last season.

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    • You didn't win the league last season because you were not good enough. Simple as that.

      It's not down to one player being injured. Sadly, Chelsea were a class above everybody else last year. No, I'm not an Arsenal or Chelsea fan but just stating fact.

      For what it's worth, I think you are weaker this year than last with the loss of Vierra and I think third is the best you can hope for this year.

      My prediction is:
      1. Chelsea
      2. Man Utd
      3. Liverpool
      4. Arsenal
      5. Tottenham
      6. Charlton
      7. Middlesborough

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      • So how are we weaker this year? Statistically last year we played better when Vieira was injured than fit as he's lost that extra spark he used to have. We've brought Hleb in who is just as good if not better. We've brought in Song who's a great prospect. LOTS of exceptional youngsters have dramatically improved since last season. OK Edu left as well but he hardly played for us last season so that makes no difference. So I think we've improved overall.

        And no, Chelsea were in no way a class above everybody else last year. They were simply more consistent. We outplayed Chelsea in both our league games against them last season. You also seem to be forgetting the incredible start we made to last season. We just weren't consistent enough, which I think it is reasonable to put down to Gilberto getting injured as he makes us alot more consistent and solid.

        And get off our board if you're not an Arsenal fan. I can only assume you're a Charlton fan to think they're coming 6th this season!