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  • Jon D Jon D Sep 1, 2005 09:28 Flag

    Wener: Is he over the edge?

    Why did Wenger lie to the fans and the media?

    For a year or two now the Arsenal supremo has been gradually losing it. After seasons of exemplary leadership, every utterance from the Gunners boss is now aimed at hurling vitriol at rival teams, managers and players. The self-esteem in him is dead.

    Clearly the pressure of European failure has been eroding his control and quite clear psychological disorders are now standing in the way of his effective performance.

    The griping is bad enough, but this summer he has inexplicably weakened the team, quite deliberately so. As Vieira was losing his polish, the sale was right, but Wenger had no intention whatsoever of plugging the defensive hole.

    Rumours abounded about Jenas. Wenger confirmed his admiration but accused the Magpies of demanding silly money, £15-20 million. If that were true then Newcastle could not possible have sold him within 2 weeks for £8 million. Clearly Wenger made up lies about the Jenas issue to cover up his obsession with dismantling his midfield with no plans for repair.

    The coach with the defensive blind spot was determined to enter the season leaving the back-door wide open. He even further aggravated the demolition by driving Edu out of the club. His failing grip on reality is betrayed by his belief in a fantasy-football tip-tap style which will over-run nobody of any status. Conversely all premiership clubs must now view the gaping hole between the defense and the forwards with glee.

    The man has changed; all the drive and pace of previous years is now lost in fantasy.

    This loss of cerebral control is ill-timed. Regular Champions League entrance is vital in the shadow of stadium costs. Now, however, there is a great danger of the Gunners finishing outside the top four this season which could set Arsenal on the slippery slope to bankruptcy.

    This is not the behaviour of a stable man!

    The directors should have taken it upon themselves to read the tea-leaves and intervene in Wengers's erratic performance, maybe even recommending therapy. Alas the manager wields to much power at the club and the greysuits cowered before his looming presence.

    All we can hope for is an equivalent collapse in the management structure of the newly-reloaded clubs destined to push and pass us by - and there are several! The directors can now only watch and wait.

    Roll on January and the next transfer window.

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    • I reckon this guy must be just having a laugh. He's being cynical - can't be serious.

    • YOU ARE A NUMPTY......I think wenger's faeces are more useful for arsenal then ppl like you!

    • Mate I would suggest you better sart supporting Chelski........

      THanks god the bord is not so chickn hearted like!

    • Really, it is 100 % perfect.The Gunners are at great risk unless immediate remedial action is taken.I am very sorry for the loss of Jenas!What is hapenning with Wenger?

    • first, next time learn how to spell his name.Now, you talking with your ass. Do you really think he will weaken the team deliberately?? How the hell can you say that?? And what about Henry?? Find ONE manager in the World who would be able to keep the best striker in the world for so long and for so little money (compare to what he can get elsewhere, of course)!? So stop criticising him, he did bring back shine on Highbury!

    • What is the problem???

      I could understand a little disatisfaction if it was mid-February and we are below Tottenham but it is only September and already you complain.

      I live in Southampton but support Arsenal. The year before Wengers arrival, Rioch was in charge, we finished below Southampton and had a midfield that still demonstrated George Grahams disciplinarian rein.

      Since then we have won the double twice and the F.A. Cup and Premiership on two other occasions. We have seen six World Cup winners in the Arsenal shirt and now our players are on the wish lists of some of europes greatest clubs.

      Why and How? Because of Arsene Wenger and the board.
      The capacity of Highbury is less than Villa, Chelski, Everton, Liverpool, Newcastle and Sunderland but what have they won over the last decade?

      Mr Wenger has an eye for talent that has seen us pick up Anelka, Petit, Overmars, Vieira and many more for a fraction of what we sold them for. He has also got the best out of players such as Ljungberg, Lauren, Toure, Gilberto, Pires and Henry to name just a few.

      Without Arsene Wenger I can only speculate as to what we would have won but I doubt that we would have been successful as we have been with him at the helm!!

      Give the guy a break! When we played Chelski they brought on three substitutes that totalled nearly £70m (Wright-Phillips £21m, Essien £24m and Drogba £24), however, it still took a lucky deflection to beat us! Just imagine what Wenger could have done if he had those kind of resources!!!

      Maybe he could have bought in a few more players but who. Do you really think Jenas (at £8m) is better than Flamini, Fabregas or Gilberto who combined cost just £5m? I am not convinced. What I am convinced of is that Wenger knows what he is doing and will get it right.

      What would you prefer to win the league this season and to go bust or to win it three out of the next six and to be financially stable for the future?

    • Who is this Wener i keep hearing about?

      'This is not the behaviour of a stable man!'

      Would you rather he left the club?

    • I have never heard so much crap in all my life. We have played 3 games so far, won 2 lost 1 and the one we lost away to Chelsea where we outplayed them.

      No Wenger has not lost his marbles. He is still one of the top managers in the world. Simple fact is - no we can't compete with Chelsea on the transfer market. Thats not his fault is it?. I personally think Jenas is not bad, but would he be a frst choice for Arsenal? I think not. The player we wanted was SWP a fact. Unfortunately Chelsea snapped him up. What do you do? go for a second rate replacement or bide your time. Wenger is doing the right thing. No-one is around at the moment who he can see will improve the squad so he is waiting. Not putting the clubs future at risk but waiting. Simple fact is Chelsea can splash out on players like Veron, Crespo, Drogba, and if they're not successful ok write off the loss but he can't do this. We're NOT CHELSEA. NOT WENGERS FAULT.

      Granted we might not finish in the top 2 this year but he has assembled a talented yet very young side. Judge this side in 2 years time. Please Please Arsenal supporters give Wenger a chance. Even if we don't get success this year - he is building. Think about the age of all our squad - Fabregas, Reyes, Flamini, Van Persie, Senderos. All these players will be stars in 2 years time.

      I appeal to all gooners - GIVE WENGER TIME.

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      • Amen to that! Except one thing, I reckon we will finish in the top 2, we may even surprise some people and get the league title back. Last year we had just come off a record-breaking unbeaten season so not surprisingly everyone wanted our scalp, and they went over the top physically to stop up. However this season everyone will be after Chelski's scalp which will give us a good oppurtunity to win the league. Sure Chelski look solid now, but so did we after 9 games last season when we had 8 wins, 1 draw, +27 goal difference, 5 points above Chelski.

        People think our squad is weaker than last season which is rubbish. We lost Edu but he hardly played last season so that makes no difference. We sold Vieira and bought Hleb who is just as good so no loss there. Hleb is of course a different position but this year Fabregas is ready for the first team. Then add to that the improvement of all our youngsters and I think the squad looks a bit stronger.

        And prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised by Poom! He was a good keeper before his injury problems and has the ability to make a very good number 2.

    • i cannot agree with u more.wenger,i believe now suffers from delusions of grandeur!he believes he can win the champions league?with a bunch of little kids?dream again.i am so sick and tired of this man.how on earth can u sell vieira without a ready replacement all the while deceiving us that u were searching 4 baptista.so if we cant get baptista,there is nobody else 2 buy.maybe he has run out of ideas because the only hope we have of any silverware is the carling cup where most teams use their second teams.wenger thinks he is nostradamus but no,he is nonsensedamus.

    • Never read so much rubbish in my life the team is full of youngsters and that should be proof enough remember what sir i newtons teachers told him you will never be any good at anything how wrong they were and watch out you may be made to eat your words!!!!!

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