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  • DC DC Oct 7, 2005 20:09 Flag

    Hossam Ghaly

    I'd never heard of him, but from what i've found on google, he's a promising Egyptian midfielder with a discipline problem. And he's mates with Robin VP.
    I must admit, I'd rather we bought someone like him rather than Diop et al. The players with discipline problems we've bought from the Netherlands before appear to have really come good at Arsenal, and have been very little trouble at all. Could be a good signing. Oh, and he actually wants to sign for us which can't be a bad thing :)

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    • lol another player with discipline problems?? Bring it on!

      • 1 Reply to Calvin
      • I agree, bring it on. We'll have:
        Kolo "the hardest man in the Premiership" Toure
        Sol "dont take the piss" Campbell
        Cesc "I might get battered, but I'll have a go" Fabregas
        Ashley "I'm like Cesc" Cole
        Jens "I'm harder than everyone" Lehman
        Robin "I'll start the trouble" Van Persie
        "I'll start and finish the trouble" Lauren
        Jose Antonio "As long as its a Neville getting battered I'm in" Reyes
        Hossam "nobody likes me but I dont care" Ghaly
        Thierry "I'm way to cool to get involved" Henry
        Freddy "I'm like Asheley and Cesc" Ljungberg
        Robert "I'm with Jose" Pires

    • Oh, and apparently he's not too popular with his team mates. I found this in a match report Ajax vs Feyenoord on the Ajax website:

      " Ajax were the better team from the beginning. The teram from Amsterdam comined better, found each other more easily, but neglected to put the Feyenoord defence under more pressure. The home side received a scare early in the match, when Bruno Basto head-butted his teammate Hossam Ghaly into a knock-out. Ghaly had to be rushed to the hospital, Basto could play on, but with difficulty."