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  • DC DC Oct 9, 2005 22:26 Flag

    Internationals - JUST SAY NO!

    Is it just me, or is anyone else getting fed up with the sudden influx of internationals mid-season? The result is, all qualifiers and friendlies are played with team mates carrying recent grudges whilst not understanding each other. A prime example is England constantly playing as a team of individuals. Also, if you look at training photos, you tend to see that domestic team mates tend to train with each other. So, you get Terry, Lampard, J Cole in one group, Carragher and Gerrard etc in another.
    Seeing as international tournaments are played on even-numbered years, why not have the qualification tournaments on odd-numbered years? As a result, players wouldn't get injured by a non-paying FA at crucial stages of the season, and the qualification competition would prevent people having to resort to building sandcastles and watching cricket. Oh, and the season could end sooner, giving the international teams longer to prepare for their tournaments.
    In the last 3 weeks, we've lost the backbone of our team to internationals. Campbell, Henry and (i'm not 100% sure if this is a direct result of internationals, but) Cole. Considering Arsenal pay all of these players annual salaries going into the several millions, them getting injured mid-season whilst playing for their respective national teams is just not acceptable.
    Besides, there is no money and little glory in international football. You can get lucky and win an international tournament (Greece anyone?), but to win the premier league takes time and skill (or lots and lots of dirty oil money...).
    I can't ever remember having so many internationals in a season. So far this season, there have been 7 domestic games, and in the same space of time, 5 internationals (including this wednesday). Internationals are killing football!

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    • im arrogant, whatever. i dont need to see my team win something every year to make me stick up for my team. quite frankly i was satisfied with last seasons performance under the circumstances. we beat u twice in the league comfortably. the second half against u at highbury was champagne football, dont remember too many other teams putting four past u at highbury. oh i think Charlton did not long ago if im not mistaken. I think u need to change ur tampon buddy. oh and we we cant attract any big players. erm excuse but that is BULLSHIT, ie ronaldo, rooney, ferdinand.

    • Damn bloody right! Its the only thing we keep on hearing: 'crap in europe blah blah blah...'. Considering who have won it in recent years its not such a big deal... and Man U - Give it a season or so and they're gonna be in serious trouble. Goodbye Giggs, Keane etc. How many quality young players do they have? Hope they like feeding on the scraps that Chelsea leave behind because they are gonna have to buy big.

    • Oh yeah, you got the song wrong. Don't worry about it, i'll correct it for you...

    • I can't believe you didn't mention the games we played recently when silverware was exchanged?

      Manchester United 0 - Arsenal FC 1 (Wiltord ensures Arsenal win the Premier League title at Old Trafford)

      Manchester United 0 - Arsenal FC 0 (Arsenal win DRAMATIC penalty shootout in the FA Cup final in cardiff!)

    • Fucks sake Pricky, your on the Chelski site as well. Have you got a job. I reckon your a scouser really. And if I remember rightly your very own beloved Keano reckons you lot up there can't even spell "football".
      You finish third two years in a row, you can't get anyone of stature to come to the club, you dont even get linked with big names anymore - things are really bad.
      You even booed your own manager. Disgraceful after what he's done for you lot.
      For all the money you've got compared to us (soon not to be the case), we shouldn't have been wnywhere near you over the last ten years, and it turns out we were better. And before you start banging on - a whole season unbeaten mate.
      And as you keep banging on about Henry and that proper big club Barca, I'll put money on it that Ronaldo the crap Portugese version and Ruud the Horse are gone from these shores before one of the two best players in the world is.
      And stop banging on about Europe will you, because it means Nottingham Forest are bigger than you. PRAT

    • Just wonder y u man u fans can be so arrogant when u didn't win anything last yr and only third place for 2 straight yrs. Oh, u must be very proud to win the third place back to back, wat a magnificient achievement!!!!!!! Every1, v must salute them and hail them as the kings of 3rd place. Congratulation man, keep up the good work!!!!!
      Cant believe u dare to mention man u won 2-0 last season at old traford, with all the good diving skills, kungfu kicking + blind man in black, it's something only man u fans will be proud of or at least u!!!!
      Wat make man u big???? hundreds of million debts? a club abandoned by the highest no. of of its own fans recently? If so u r big then. Wow! so impressive!
      Man u can attract decent player with their play???? Since when??? i guess u purposely forgot how many players turned down man u these few years.
      i understand why u r here cos u jealous v r a better team than u n depressed cos chelski richer than u now. come on man, if u keep going like this i recomend u better go see a doctor or u will need a heart or mayb brain surgery come to the end of the season when man u dun win anything again, third place as usual, ur beloved mr. hair dyer get sacked n ur so called big club end up like leeds utd with all the debts that genuine big club dun hav.
      So, why dun u go back to ur fucking forum n moan like a whore til u win something again.

    • Just wondered if you can remember these classic games lord stink box! Think u need to watch them to remind you why your never be as big as us.
      although im sure u only started supporting the gunner scum in 98 back when u actually had a good side.
      shame that era is coming to an end. I cant c u ever signing anyone decent again, bruce rioch will be back when wenger fucks off !!!
      ps cant wait 2 c henry and ronaldinho next year 4 barca, coz when hes gone that will be the nail right up the arsenal

      aresenal 2 man united 6 rumbelows cup 91
      man utd 6 arsenal 1 fapl 01
      man utd 2 arsenal 1 fa cup 99
      man utd 2 arsenal 0 fapl 04
      arsenal 2 man utd 4 fapl 05

    • Pricky its Lord Fuck Face to you peasant, and if you wasn't soooo illiterate you would see i said you ARE the biggest team in the world, so you'd think that you'd have plenty to say with your fellow supporters in YOUR Man U forum. This is the last time im replying or responding to you because you're boring and suck prawns big time. I encourage other gooners to ignore pricky until he has something better to say, or when Man U win something...
      Thanks for the memories Pricky

    • what the hell are u talking about?, its the same for every team that has international players. i know y dont we scrap international football altogethor!! trust me id be happy 2 c cambell out the england team, and that chelsea rent by cole,

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      • This isn't arsenal specific. Every (decent) team has internationals. Even if the Man U ones are suspended for being a spoilt fat prick with no discipline, or dropped for looking like plug (from the beano).
        It also includes the fact that Arsenal players are representing countries as diverse as Ivory Coast, Belarus, Sweden, Netherlands etc.
        Oh yeah, and I know there's not a lot to sing about on the Man U forum at the moment, but pleeeeaaaassseee just fuck off back there.