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  • I am SHAMED that you call yourself an Arsenal FAN. An Arsenal "stakeholder" or something, maybe, but FAN? No way.

    A FAN is someone who follows their team through thick and thing.
    A FAN is someone who still supports their team when they lose
    A FAN is proud of his team regardless.

    A stakeholder is someone with some sort of interest, but no particular allegiance.

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    • Oh, and computer football is all fantasy. I won the champions league in my 4th season as Southend United manager.

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      • ooooooh i do luv dese LOYAL supporters of ours a few bad results and they want the managers head, agreed we lack depth but i think this season has highlighted it to a point to which the manager will not ignore it, but on the other hand we want quality players not players hu jus simply make up the numbers and the boss knows this thats y he cant jus go out and buy ne old player he finds talent!!!!! so thats y i dnt question the chosen 1 look at wat he has dun we hav bragging rights again!!!!!!!!!