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  • Why dont you twats get some English players in.Every friggin player on Tuesday was a stinkin' foreigner.How dare you stinkers call yourselves an English club.Your manager only caters for Frogs and other European and African filth.He doesn't give a shit about the British youth.Well if you're happy keeping it like this why don't you just move to nthe French League you bunch of Liberal tossers!

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    • if you do not want foreigners to suupport aarsenal,you can as well ask all of them in your team to leave.that i think will help improve your national team also.football is universal.american,european or alien,everybody has a right to support anyclub from any country or planet.what is wrong in supportimg a club from one's country and also one from a foreign country.please stop this issue of not being english and all that talk.lets talk football.

    • Thanks damian, now let's talk about football and our team arsenal.

    • You never know, they spring up like weeds everywhere..lol

      The draft ruling has already gone and been passed by the EEC council so to speak, there are points to be sorted out.

      They are getting around the freedom to move etc by stating to many players and clubs are coming in from none EEC countries and clubs are now inflating their prices to the point that is isn't doing the sport any good and as such home grown talent is suffering etc, they gave one example of a player valued at 11 million being sold for over 20..and clubs going to other clubs and offering more money for a player already promised to another club..if I can find that piece again I'll post it, makes better reading..lol

      Interesting times ahead. Thank god for academy's is all I can say

    • At the end of the day, if you care about Arsenal, if you spend your own hard-earned on Arsenal, and if you follow Arsenal, you're a supporter.
      That's all there is to it.
      So, no. I don't begrudge you for supporting English football from foreign shores.

    • This is the Arsenal board, so I don't think there's going to be many Chelsea fans getting bothered ;)

      I'd be interested to see the legality of this "home grown" policy though - You can't actually discriminate against nationals from the EU in European workplace laws.

    • I really don't understand this thing about the influx of foriegn players destroying the English game. Look at the recent French national side - they won the World Cup and the Euro Champs. How many of their players were playing in France? Or played for any length of time in France? Very few - they all played in England, Spain or Italy.

      Same with the most successful team in world football - Brazil. Has the huge bulk of their players playing in Europe damaged their success? Not at all.

      What is wrong with young British football travelling to Europe to learn their trade there? How many young British players do you see playing in Italy or Spain? None. Now I'm a patriot, but the reason is that we are too narrow-minded as a group to entertain the idea of learning our trade abroad like Fabregas, or Henry & Vieira did in Italy.

      Not good.

    • Thats on the cards as well. UEFA want to see how the new changes they want to bring in work,I'm all for foreign players being given ago, but all clubs need to get the balance right between English and teams made totaly of foreign player's.

      Each club has it's own way, some work some don't, same for their coaches,but if you look at the foreign coaches way of doing things they are near total or completely totaly made up of foreign players, you only have to go to Spain Italy to see that...I'm not having a go at Arsenal or Chelsea...but when you see teams that are 99% foreign it makes you wonder about the future of English football as a whole..before Chelsea fans get all hot and bothered...your own trainer wants to bring in 2 new or more signing at the next transfer window......whats to say they wont be English players being sold to make way...?

    • You are amazing biggles, it seems you made yourself judge over what other people can or cannot be based on their race, culture and nationality. I will surely remind every 'foreigner'that Leed Utd fans don't welcome any foreign supporters or foreign support. You talk about being a real 'english supporter', but if you are a real supporter, you will be so glad that others all around the world also love and support your club. And I don't know what you mean when you say that 'the global marketing strategy is isolating 'real english club supporters'.???
      And yes I agree that there is an existing global marketing strategy in England but since when is that bad for football in England or in general. I really thought that at this time and age, the world has reached a point where the world's boundaries are slowly dissapearing but I suppose some people like you are not ready to accept such a development. I believe that culture and history makes a country rich but adaptability to changing times makes it great.
      I just hope that my fellow gunners on this site accepts me and the millions of 'foreign gunners' as fellow supporters, because we all have arsenal's interest at heart.
      Anyway I have never asked for anyone's approval to support arsenal for the past 20 years, but seeing that this is a 'global' arsenal site, I would like to know where we 'foreign supporters' stand with you guys, my fellow gunners?
      Anyway Biggles I hope that you are not driving a foreign car, don't eat foreign food, don't idolize a foreign star or a foreign singer and don't even wear jeans (the yanks culture that), otherwise you will be like me accused of not supporting my own country.
      I'm sorry if I sound rude but buddy, you are damn narrow minded.
      However, I will still continue to support and love my team arsenal even if you class me as a 2nd class supporter.

    • I don't think it's a major problem for most clubs. This means in the whole squad you need 4 English guys? We have two in our starting 11, and i'm sure by then, we'll have another couple breaking through from the Youths and reserves.

      I think if they really wanted this to be effective, they'd have to say that you have to have two homegrown players in the starting eleven.

    • In his editorial in the latest edition of the UEFA publication uefadirect, Mr Olsson said that solutions had to be found which would help the development of young homegrown players in clubs, thereby also benefiting national teams in the long run.

      European debate
      UEFA is at the vanguard of the debate within the European football community about possible ways of enabling homegrown players to have regular action in club first teams without violating European Union legislation on, for example, freedom of movement between different countries.

      UEFA proposals
      Earlier this month, the European body issued proposals for the inclusion of a minimum number of at least seven or eight homegrown players out of the 18 players on match sheets, and a limitation on the number of players in club squads to 25. The proposals are now being put to all major sporting, commercial and political stakeholders in European football.

      No limitations
      "Behind the recent success of the latest [UEFA] European Championship final round lurk many concerns thrown up by the famous Bosman ruling, which, at international level, made it easier for players to move clubs and removed the limitations previously imposed by the national and international football authorities," said Mr Olsson.

      Young struggle
      "One of the consequences of this explosion of transfers is that it has become more difficult in some countries for young players to work their way up to their club's first team, a struggle which may make them turn their backs on football and take up another sport instead," he added. "Of course, a talented youngster always manages to make room for himself, but even he needs suitable training in order to develop and make the most of his skills.

      Expensive training
      "But training is expensive; it sometimes costs even more than talent scouting, and requires patience," Mr Olsson continued. "Many clubs prefer scouting for and taking on promising young players from all over Europe and even beyond, whom they can, if need be, loan to lower division or less ambitious clubs until they are trained."

      National-team effects
      The UEFA Chief Executive warned of the possible damage that could be caused to national-team football by the current situation. "In the long or even medium term, this situation could cause our national teams serious problems in terms of rejuvenating their squads," he said. "In Portugal, it was clear that some are already suffering from this phenomenon, just as it was noticeable that national playing characteristics are becoming indistinguishable – another obvious effect of this major intermixing of players.

      Finding solutions
      "So that is why, among other reasons, it is high time to find solutions conforming with European legislation that can compensate for these drawbacks in terms of training and national identity, not to mention the identification of clubs with their town/city or region as well," the UEFA CEO urged.

      Local recruitment
      "In response to this situation, we want to encourage local recruitment in all the countries of Europe, while assuming social and sporting responsibility for young players. This is the direction we want to take, with the support of the national associations, who gave us their full backing at the recent Conference of Presidents and General Secretaries in Lisbon

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