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    Arsenal, good competition

    As a Manchester United fan, l have to say that Arsenal have been our greatest rivals over the Premiership years. They've had some fantastic players, and have pushed us to the limit to such an extent that we have had become a better team in order to overcome them.

    Now we have to get better in order to overcome Chelsea, and we will, they are no more unbeatable than we were at our best. Arsenal must do the same, and l'm sure they will.

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    • I agree with you mate, You have awesome youngsters but what I will say though is that you will battle out second with Man U behind us (you have to give us that). But my question to you is in my earlier thread ( I think about 12:20pm) it is concerning your new signing, another excellent youngster but do you think that is enough to keep Henry now that cole is going as well?

      don't let Dunkan piss you off mate, just talk football.

    • As I said before, AW's policy of promoting youth is brilliant. We may end up this season potless, but it will mean we've got a squad of hungry youngsters, and not overpaid prima-donnas who are purely in it for the money.
      Our reserve team would probably not beat Chelsea and Man Utd's first teams, but I think we'd beat anyone else. And like Chelsea, we too are getting to the stage where we can say we have two quality players in each position.

    • "Arsenal have done bugger all to catch up with Chelsea in terms of spending".

      No one can compete with Chelsea in terms of spending.

      And so many people are saying "Arsenal are going to finish outside the top four". PLEASE can you say four teams capable of finishing above us?! The only ONE team I think have a chance is Chelski, and that's only because you've got a dodgy russian bankrolling you.
      I would really appreciate it if you said who these other three teams are. No one has said who they are, they just say Arsenal will finish 7th or below!

    • come on Dunkan, you have to admit as much as you would hate to that Arsenal have got some pretty good youngsters afterall they (bar Campbell, Senderos and Van Persie) demolished Sunderland last night although I believe that the true test will be if those yougsters face the Chelsea and Man U sides and not a team that are quite frankly on the way down again. I want Damientconolly's take on this (see earlier thread)as he seems to be an Arsenal supporter who enjoys talking football and doen not engage in slagging off matches. Damien?

    • Damn right! Before the season started, it became apparent that Arsenal have done bugger all to catch up with Chelsea in terms of spending and they even sold off Patrick, I thought they might struggle to to get third this year. I predicted before the season started that they would finish 4th, but now I'm not so sure they'll even get a champion league spot. What are they going to do if Henry and Cole leave. Go t with youngsters again?!

    • my brother and I had some serious banter on "rapidly ageing fergie babies" he was not amused.

      On to football chat, please tell me why Wenger is buying this Vela chap, no one is saying that Wenger does not have the ability to spot talent and nuture it, he has proven that time and time again but if he wants to keep Henry should this talent of his not be directed to finding a good holding midfielder? I have said to you in previous threads that although I do not like your team, I as should every Chelsea supporter respect what the likes of Arsenal and even Man U have achieved. If you want to challenge for cups you would do better than buying another 17 or 18 yr old and nuturing them for another 4 yrs before they become good. I am making this point because I want the title races to be closer between Chelsea, Man U and Arsenal (it makes it a damn sight more interesting). Man U saw that their weakness was Roy Carroll and he has been replaced with van der sar a more able keeper, my team needed a left back and got Del Horno and added another midfielder to boot in the shape of Essien. You guys have sold Viera and have STILL not replaced him, It is all very well having Henry back but what happens if he is injured again or indeed if he does go to Barca, in the telegraph this morning he is quoted as saying that racist chants will not deter him to moving to Barca so it does look like he is on his way out which I do not want because not just your team but the whole sodding prem will seriously suffer if he does.

      You guys need to keep him and I think that will only be achieved if you guys spend the cash from the sale of Viera and about 2 or 3 million more in getting a suitable replacement, if not I cannot see Henry stay. I agree his loyalty is with Wenger but he wants to win medals and at the moment if you keep filling your team with people who will mature in 4 or 5 years, do you honestly think Henry will wait that long? With the imminent departure of Cole (which I will agree we had a significant part to play in, but all you chaps needed to do was to unequivocally back your player which you did not do), you need to sign big and sign now

    • for me i am no hater of teams, just some coaches really put me off, but i am sure we will get are act together and compete well with chelsea in due time.

    • I agree tolally im a die hard arsenal fan and even thoug they have slipped up a couple of times this season i think theres still time to stop chelsea before it's too late.

    • You know it's true! Neville, Scholes, Giggs, ermm... the rest of them have all left... but they are all the wrong side of 30 now!

    • Rapidly ageing "fergie babies" fuckin love that!! I am telling my brother (he is a Man U fan) and I can just feel another argument brewing.

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