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  • DC DC Oct 25, 2005 21:20 Flag

    Arsenal, good competition

    Thanks, finally a chelsea fan with an objective view.

    Personally, I think Henry will stay. But I think the club need to promise him some sort of success in order to make him stay. I dunno, maybe a clause in his new contract or something to that effect?

    I understand that you lot are merely getting revenge for years of banter, but I don't think people are pissed off because Chelsea have now had some success. I think it's the way it happened - overnight, they get this guy to invest billions into a nearly-broke club and before you know it, they are signing some of worlds most expensive footballers. That could have happened to anyone - If Aston Villa were bought out by Abramovich and went from UEFA challengers to world beaters, would you not think it kind of odd?
    You say it's not down to money, but to the players. The fact is, if Chelsea were still swamped by a mountain of debt, them players wouldn't be there. Essien would still be at Lyon. Lampard and Terry would have quite probably left the club.

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    • It all sounds like what if's. It's reality!
      I've heard there is a billionaire interested in Villa. What you gonna do when you aren't even qualifying for the Champions League because there is more money in other clubs?

    • I agree, we were swamped with debt and if not for Roman players like Lampard and Terry (with Terry not so sure) would prob have left. I also agree that our success has come in direct proportion to the money we have spent. The point I am making is that it is not only in large part to the money spent but to the character of the players, It is one thing to spend millions on players, it is another to have them play well, after all you can ask Rio Ferdinand.

      And at the risk of repeating my self, these players only become the worlds most expensive footballers the moment Chelsea become interested in them. I will use Drogba again as an example, where he or Essien in Man U or even Arsenal they would not have gone for more than £15m a piece. Wright Philllips? although he is an awesome player only came to us for £21m because it was Chelsea, no other club would have paid more than £14m for him.

      We don't buy the best in the world because if we did our team would be filled with the Brazillians, Shevchenko of Milan and (I hate admitting it) but Thierry. We also do not buy the most expensive, Man U do that (Rio and Rooney) and again if we bought the most expensive we would have dropped £60m for Shevchenko. We buy good players whose clubs sell to us at a much higher price, taking advantage of Abramovich which in my opinion is fair enough. Why should'nt they?

      And Arsenal might now have to make Henry the highest paid player in the prem if they are to entice him to stay, as well as promising him some sort of success (which is the point you raised) Which I hope they do because as I said earlier, I hope he stays in the prem

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      • Yeah, I make you right on a lot of your points. I don't think Henry would sign for Chelsea, especially after the whole "Cole-gate" thing, so Barca would probably be his only option if was to leave. But I really don't think we'd need to pay him stupid amounts of money to stay - he loves the club at the end of the day.

        Rio Ferdinand was clearly over priced. Man Utd needed a centre-back desperately, and Leeds were in the complete shit financially. Even so, they have bought two very expensive players, but they are playing with a "mid-table" striker in midfield, they're sticking with the rapidly aging "Fergie babies", and when Ruud v Nistelredrum isn't scoring it has a much bigger effect than when Henry is missing for us.

        And yeah, transfer values are always going to be higher for bigger clubs. Look at when we were going in for Jenas in the summer - we were offered him at £18m. Wenger, rightly, said fuck that! Before you know it, Newcastle have accepted an offer for less than half of that from the Jids.