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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 28, 2005 05:37 Flag

    FOOL WENGER: "We can catch Chelsea"!!!!


    You permit this utter fool to manage your side???



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    • must be a chelsea fan, who's unbeaten for 49 games. not chelsea. who' the fool now

    • Arsenal still at the top in the history book.Inside that book called THE INVINCIBLES(2003-2004)the word chelski never had A mention, so on that NOTE i shall rest my case. Your Sincerly: SI-MOHIGHBURY.

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      • I now live in the US and we dont get to watch too much prem football, but when we do i pray for an arsenal game, they are the best team in the world chelsea are the most boring team i hav ever watched they have so many stars and yet they cant seem to play attractive football. there is no comparison between mourinho and wenger. with the little money wenger gets to improve his squad he makes big things happen his squad takes care of business now and with aal the youthful talent he has right now will definitely dominate in the future. i can assure all u chelsea fans out there that chelsea will not win a single trophy this year

      • I don't care what you all say, he still looks like Cancer Man from the X Files....

    • Arsenal still at the top in the history book.Inside that book called THE INVINCIBLES(2003-2004)the word chelski never had A mention, so on that NOTE i shall rest my case. Your Sincerly: SI-MOHIGHBURY.

    • Quote "FOOL WENGER: "We can catch Chelsea"!!!!"

      In that one phrase, you tell us all we need to know. Namely that while Chelsea has all the money, very many of their supporters have no class whatsoever.

      Whether or not you support Arsenal, most educated fans would acknowledge the debt that is owed to Arsene Wenger. He, more than anyone else, is responsible for the change in the drinking culture that has plagued so many clubs. He, more than anyone else, introduced the concept of a balanced diet. These two measures, combined with a sensible training regimen, has prolonged the career of a many players.

      He has seen the potential in a number of players, and has bought them before they came to prominence. He has created a team, who on their day, play the most scintillating football ever seen in the Premiership (Alan Hansen's quote, not mine.) He has worked to create the success at Arsenal.

      Chelsea's success on the other hand can be compared to winning the lottery. That is not to say that they are a bad team, not at all. It is just that a number of their gloating short sighted fans are in denial about the reason for their success.

      Fool Wenger? No, the only fool is the one who instigated this thread.

    • The only fool about here, bub, seems to be you...

    • i agree wiv da othas,
      how can u comment when chelsea hve 2 buy there way 2 the top of the premiership and aresnal and wenger hve managed 2 do it wiv hardly any money

    • sound calviebaby81,

      how well said and explained is that fair play to you.

    • Just remember who was 10 points clear at the top of the premiership, looking 'undestructable', and all the pundits were saying 'had the premiership in the bag'. Then played Man Utd and lost their way.
      THAT'S RIGHT! It was Arsenal. So all you Chelsea fans out there better not count your chickens before they hatch!

    • Most of the REAL Gooners have pretty much said all there is to say. But i'll just make a comment... "We can catch Chelsea" is the quote yeah? Is that not true? The quote isnt "We will catch Chelsea and win the Quadruple"
      So its not foolish at all is it? All teams can catch Chelsea whether they do or not is a different answer and different thread

    • Why do manu & chelsa's fans always hanging around in our board room? Can you guys not find a better place to go?

      And before you start mouthing off, let's get something straight. Who are the best players in Chelsa; Lampard, Terry, Joe Cole, Makelele. You take away these guys, you're nothing. You'll be in bottom half of the table.

      That's what happened to us - injuries, not because we've lost it. And they weren't even signed by Mourinho. He just picked where Reniari left off, even the way they play but more boring. That's Reniari's team not Mourinho's, and with that much money, he only managed to win the premiership and the league cup.What the hell??? He's crap!!!! He's pathetic!!! To think he's the man????? He needs help.

      Arsene used no more than a tiny little fraction of that amount of money and won the premiership and the FA cup in his first season in charge. So there, see the difference between class and arrogant. So sort off.

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