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  • Oh no - Arsene has signed up another teenager! WHAT is going on???

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    • give him a chance he might prove everyone wrong he definantly dont look young hes HUGE and apparently he is great in the air and a great scorer just a dream partner for henry we can use reyes to cross in crosses and this new geezer to head them in henry aint da best at that is he lol

    • looking at the situation a bit closer, you can tell how excited arsene is about this signing. he's already allowed him to be compared to vieira and says that after a few weeks training he'll be ready for the first team.
      watching the press conference, he couldn't hide his excitement. that gives me faith that diaby is going to be something special, it takes a lot to animate arsene that much.
      plus, many auxerre fans are furious that he was allowed to go 'on the cheap'

    • Time for cool heads lads.

      1/ Wenger has done this before and proved himself... he may very well be a good player for us... there are plenty of teenagers who have come on very fast and have proved themselves.

      2/ He hasn't exaclty exhusted the kitty... this is relative chicken feed.

      3/ We all knew he wouldn't make any big signings in jan, this is hopefully an opportunity which he has been looking at which came up.

      4/ Chelsea were clearly bidding as well... so lets say he can't be bad.

      5/ He has choses us over Chelsea which perhaps shows that with the younger players they are now not willing to go to chelsea not to play like SWP.

      6/ Few if any of us have seen him in action.... you can bet Arsene has a big file on him and has made the decision carefully.

      It may work, it may not like all transfers but lets trust wenger... he is a tennager but a tennager in demand... we've paid teenager money for him not stupid money.... we weren't expecting big signings anyway.... chill

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      • very well said Ab
        and some very good points as per your posts it is full of scence
        we have to cut our cloth according to the means at our disposal
        I for one am most happy to have a brill new stadium and a team that is very pleasing on the eye full of cheap yougsters maturing nicely together like a fine wine.

        in my veiw for what its worth god help the rest when they do mature growth wise and fill out all the russian roubles or yank dollers wont stop them how ever much they spend

      • Anyway atleast we at last got some people in, it felt like everyone was buying apart from us, was starting to feel left out, lol

    • Who would you like to buy? short term signings would only halt the progress of the young players by 2+ years (no one will sign a 1 year contract) and delay the problem. If there was an experienced player (who would sign for arsenal) who would also fit into AW's plans for the new stadium it would be fantastic, but i cant think of anyone

    • I don't know but appears that wenger has lost his marbles.......he probably wants to compete in the under 19 premiership (if there is one)!
      All the top clubs have signed the best available players at thier prime but our Wenger still wants teenagers (esp. a bad idea as most of them do not actually make it to the team.....and are sold out for us to regret later (remember Bentley, Pennant etc)!
      Sad state of affairs.

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      • What teenagers have been sold that we later regretted? Pennant? Drunk driving yob. Bentley? The kid hasnt done a thing in a season and a half at Norwich and Blackburn. They dont have what it takes.

        The only one you can make a case for is Upson, but he'd spent two years getting injured when AW sold him. Then suddenly he got healthy. Maybe that's one to regret, but is Upson better than Toure and Senderos, or even Djourou?

        AW has always that players he brings into the side have to be better than thos ehe already has, and that counts for youngsters as well. I love seeing young players come through, but not if its simply to be able to say 'look at the young players'. They have to be good enough.

        Whether or not its right, AW has taken the decision that he cant compete with Chelsea right now (is he wrong???) and that for a year or so he's going to push through kids and see what they can do.

        How can you say that it's a sad state of affairs? Arsenal did that in 84-86 and it led to the Adams/Rocastle/Thomas/Merson generation and two League Championships.

        It's strength we need, and Diaby finally fits that bill.

    • True. Cesc Fabregas is only 18, would you rather we sold him and bought Phil Neville?

    • Not sure the fact the guy is a teenager has any relevance. weren't PV and anelka teenagers when they joined ? If your good enough, age is irrelevant...

    • I think we'd all agree we^re a bit short on experience. But who is there out there that we could buy? Ballack? Nah, he's a diver and wants to go to Madrid. Graveson? Nah, he's 5th choice at Madrid already, and they suck this year. I've criticîzed AW this year as well for not replacing Vieira, but I like this Diaby deal. Chelsea were after him too and he's been called 'the new Vieira' by plenty of people, none of whom are involved with Arsenal. Vieira hadnt played many games either before he came here. My concern was as much that we weren't physical enough, and Diaby has a reputation for physical play.

    • I really don't know what the heck is going on at Arsenal these days. Wenger is forever complaining about having a young side being the reason for losing games, yet he goes on to buy another kid! The man has the money that should have gone into buying Baptista last summer, and he is not using it. All our major opponents have strengthened heavily (even mighty Chelsea with Maniche) and Wenger is buying a boy who was not even a first team regular at Auxere. Somebody tell me, is the club going to the dogs or what?

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      • I don't think the Baptista example is the most valid - given his visa situation (he needed to stay in Spain for at last one more season before he became an EU citizen - hence a move to Real was obviously more attractive), but i do take your point.

        With the new stadium draining funds, and with Madrid a more attractie prospect than Arsenal (especially for South American players), we were always going to struggle to sign quality players.

        Add to that a lack of quality central midfielders ( Man U have been looking for a repacement for Roy Keane for a couple of seasons, and Arsenal were looking for a suitable foil for Viera during the same period), and Arsene has a problem that's not easily solved.

        I do think Arsenal need to sign a big name player - to boost the team as much as any other reason.

        Of course Chelski don't seem to have a problem signing midfielders....

    • i don't think wenger has made too many crap young signings look at senderos, toure, eboue,fabregas,flamini,hleb,van the man,clichy,lupoli,reyes and of course our young star jens lehmann

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