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  • Ahmad K Ahmad K Jan 13, 2006 23:10 Flag

    Vasiriki Abou Diaby

    Since we cannot compete with Chelsea; Puds and Manure financially AW is working on his plan B; which is to build a team for the future. Apparently we are landing two potentially top class players. Admittedly we need a little bit more experience right now; but we will have to wait after the WC for top players to be signed. Lte us wait and see; as was rightly pointed out this what GG did in the mid 80's and it worked. So patience and hopefully we will come good.

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    • Why did they go and get another young player!!! We need to sort ourselves out now for this season and the next. It would be great if we were strong now and buying young players for the future, but were not exactly competitive right now.

      Am sure the guy will be great but i thought they were going to build around Henry. How is buying a young player who will be in his prime when Henry's past his, building a team around Henry.